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"Dissolving the company before it gets even more toxic" is also an acceptable answer.

I feel the current FASS reform process is fundamentally flawed. Please consider retaining the current constitution.

FASS should be about trust and fun. For me, it's clear that not only is it neither, there are no credible paths between where I am and any FASS I can enjoy, where my default to its processes is not profound distrust and outrage. As well, I am aware my presence makes the experience worse for everyone else. Therefore, I am leaving FASS. Yet again. I asked Stefan to ensure this is permanent so hopefully this will be the last one of these notes you guys will have to trudge through.
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Hello Again Fass Community,

There has been a lot of fantastic discussion over the past few days, and the broader FASS Community has really come together. Committee would like to thank everyone who has offered to help, raised concerns, asked questions, and supported us during this time.

After seeing the overwhelming support, Committee has decided to put on a FASS 2017 variety show! The details of this are yet to be determined, and we welcome volunteers, advisors, and well-wishers. We will be holding a Committee meeting on Saturday, January 7th at 4pm to plan the variety show, and welcome all who’d like to help provide input.

However, we must announce another vacancy on Committee. Emily Pass has resigned from her role of Treasurer, as the role will no longer be feasible to complete from her out-of-town residence. We thank Emily Pass for her hard work over the past several months. To this end, Committee welcomes Joscelyn Alexander as Acting Treasurer.

At this point, Committee thanks everyone who has previously served on Committee this year, including Elizabeth McFaul, Megan Redwood, Katherine Schill, Emily Crawford, Ray Slejska, Min Ling, and Emily Pass.

We'd also like to announce the open call for applications!
Vacant 2016-2017 committee positions include:

-Company Coordinator
-Stage Manager

Please contact our Acting President, Gavin, at prez@fass.uwaterloo.ca if you are interested in any of these positions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact anyone on committee.
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(The FASS) Committee met yesterday to discuss the unfilled Producer role and other important issues, such as show dates and financial strategy.

(carnage ensues)

For this reason, Committee has decided to cancel the 2017 show run.
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It's possible to run two FASS events a few kilometers apart simultaneously.
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What is FASS?

FASS (short for Faculty, Alumni, Staff, and Students) is an amateur theatre company at the University of Waterloo. Originally started as a variety show in 1962, FASS predates many of the modern organizations on campus, including the Federation of Students. In its current form, every year FASS produces an original script for its annual show in February. At the height of its existence in the 1980s, FASS was a major aspect of campus life, and tickets were hard to come by.

The FASS show is written every year from May through December, and then production kicks off in January with auditions held in the first week of classes. Throughout January and into February, the actors rehearse, the techies tech, and the production crew pulls their hair until, finally, everything is ready five weeks later. The shows are put on, many parties are held, and then everyone goes and collapses from exhaustion. It’s good fun.

Be part of this amazing adventure by coming out to auditions. Come sing, dance, and act with us for a few hours, then receive a part in the show. It’s that simple! Auditions are also a great spot to get recruited into band, tech, promotions, or anything else you are interested in.

Auditions are happening January 6th-8th from 7-9PM in a tba location.
Show up anytime! It will take about an hour.

Show Dates:
Thursday, February 4th 8PM
Friday, February 5th 7PM
Friday, February 5th 10:30PM*
Saturday, February 6th 6PM

There will also be an audition form for you to fill out before you arrive, so check back here before coming.

FASS 2015!

Feb. 2nd, 2015 11:21 am
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This February we'll be performing our original-ish fairy tale inspired musical-comedy production of FASS Fables: Tales from Mother Geese
Fass 2015

Would you like to hear about Nice Guy Prince, Princesses who don't need rescuing, the troll's toll for the bridge, the evil step-housemates, and many other FASStastic fables?

Come join us as one of our esteemed audience members. We need you, otherwise a show is really just a rehearsal.

Show Dates:
Thursday, February 5th 8PM
Friday, February 6th 7PM
Friday, February 6th 10:30PM*
Saturday, February 7th 6PM

Advance Tickets can be purchased through company members, and are available for sale at the Humanities Theatre Box Office on the first floor of Hagey Hall. You can call them at (519) 888-4908, 12pm-5pm.

*The Friday 10:30PM show encourages audience participation. Not for the faint of heart!
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Granted, at this point my roles are basically tying costume parts on to people and cursing the person who attached the strings that hold the costume on, which would be me, and being a gofer. And helping with vice but there was no party on Monday.

And now, two days until open:

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I have never cut so much clothing off people as I did today.
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Auditions will be Wednesday, January 8, Thursday January 9 and Friday, January 10, 2014, 7:00pm to 9:30pm. We will be in HH 123 / 124 It's very much a drop-in sort of thing, and you only have to attend one night.


About FASS

The FASS Theatre Company is serious about having fun -- we're a live cartoon on stage! We've been entertaining UW with variety and musical comedy since 1962, making us UW's longest-operating amateur theatre group. While the most fun occurs in January when over 100 cast and crew rehearse and prepare the show just in time for February, you can join us in our social events all year round!

FASS stands for Faculty, Alumni, Staff and Students. We welcome anyone and everyone and each year we see new friendships created and old ones renewed. If we're not too busy laughing at ourselves in rehearsals, trading jokes at writers meetings or sharing donuts backstage, you'll probably find us going out to a movie or throwing a famous FASS Party!
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Ones I deliberately brought back:

Snow diving
Camping weekend

Ones I was inadvertently key in establishing:

Accidentally lock James in the storeroom (but I escaped faster this year)
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The props were hilarious and relatable; everything looked as though it had been taken down from campus for the show and used to make a point. The most entertaining scene was when they addressed the expensive new additions to the university’s south entrance.

Except when I originally wrote that bit, it was about the Peter Russell Rock Garden trellis (between Bio and the MC building) and was based on my memory of a rant I heard from someone who helped build it. As I recall he described it as the single least functional object he had a hand in creating.

The success of that bit was, I think, entirely due to how the actor, Michael Davenport, delivered the lines.
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Feb. 7th, 2013 05:47 pm
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Jan. 12th, 2013 11:15 pm
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That was a relatively fast and painless casting session.


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