The Big Reveal! Pairings: Part 2

Sep. 26th, 2017 01:31 am
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And here's all the SPN prompt pairings!

No.ArtistClaiming Author
S2016be_my_preciousdeadlykittenkay (calin_durus)
S2018jayiTheTwistedWillow (AO3)
S2028retronamiSkeper Paine
S2047Cassiopeia13theydmi (LJ)

The Big Reveal! Pairings: Part 1

Sep. 26th, 2017 01:30 am
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Congratulations all, we got every lovely piece of art claimed in under three days - perfect!

Here are the pairings - part 1.  If we've made any slip ups, do let us know! Posting dates will be allocated in the next few days, so keep watching the comm for details.

No.ArtistClaiming Author
R1006cassiopeia7YohKo Bennington

No.ArtistClaiming Author


Sep. 25th, 2017 09:57 pm
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Saturday: pizza out

Sunday: leftover pizza/pick up after hiking

Monday: mapo tofu, stir fried bok choy, rice

Tuesday: pork tenderloin, with vinaigrette potato salad, green beans

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: matar paneer with naan, roasted cauliflower

Friday: beanie weanies with green beans <-- Perry request

Nothing too inspired, but it's all relatively easy considering the amount of stress and degree of "hectic" we're dealing with.
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Independent Contractor
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 1 of 1 (complete)
word count (story only): 1460

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, in the Finn family set of stories, this takes place right after the meeting between Shiv and Heron. ::

Heron carried the second loaf of bread down to the common area, unsurprised to find people milling around the long table usually used as extra work space in the kitchen. A young man with sharp features and angry brown eyes took in the sight of Heron, but focused on the loaf of soda bread in his hands. “Some guy gave Boss a proper introduction just to bake with Shiv? Isn't that a bit--” He broke off, brow furrowing, then shrugged. “I got nuthin',” he declared.

“Shiv, this might be a good chance to catch your boss for a minute, since it seems like everyone is waiting for him, anyway?” Heron asked.
Read more... )
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Posted by livius drusus

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of what appears to be a Viking boat grave under the market square in central Trondheim, Norway. In the final days of the excavation, the team of archaeologists from the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) recognized a boat-shaped feature in the soil even though there was no visible wood and the site had been repeatedly disturbed by later construction which pockmarked it with postholes and pits.

Further excavation revealed that there was no wood left to be found. It has long since rotted away leaving only the imprint of the boat, corroded rusty lumps and the a few barely preserved nails. Those meager features were sufficient for archaeologists to identify them as parts of a boat. It was at least four meters (13 feet) long and was placed in a north-south orientation.

Two long bones were also found, which is how we know this was probably a boat burial. They were in very poor condition, however, and only DNA testing can ascertain conclusively whether the bones are human. A piece of sheet bronze found leaning against one of the bones is likely a personal belonging interred with the deceased as a grave good. The very few other artifacts that have been discovered seem to be personal objects as well.

Dating is tricky. The team unearthed a small fragment of a spoon and of a key in one of the later postholes dug into what was once the middle of the boat. They can’t be sure these pieces are from the grave, but if they are, then they can loosely date the boat burial from the 7th to the 10th century. This is the first boat burial from this period discovered in downtown Trondheim.

The location away from today’s harbor and the fjord suggests that the boat grave dates from the late Iron Age, or perhaps the early Viking Age.

– It is likely a boat that has been dug down into the ground and been used as a coffin for the dead. There has also probably been a burial mound over the boat and grave, says NIKU’s Knut Paasche, a specialist in early boats.

He believes that the boat type is similar to an Åfjord boat, which has historically been a common sight along the Trøndelag coast.

– This type of boat is relatively flat in the bottom midship. The boat can also be flat-bottomed as it is intended to go into shallow waters on the river Nidelven.

Excavations are over for the season and there are no current plans to explore the site further.


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BBC: Как люди видят различные страны. Результаты опроса 2017 года - Канада обогнала многолетнего лидера Германию в излучении положительного.

U.S. News & World Report: Рейтинг лучших стран мира. Результаты опроса 2017 года - Швейцария добралась до первого места.

Френдессам вместо бонуса: В какие страны выходить замуж - а от какого иностранца бежать не оглядываясь.

в горах...

Sep. 26th, 2017 06:44 am
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...Киргизии потерялась израильтянка. Сейчас Катюху отвозил и в новостях слышал.

кому интересно )
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I've been playing a lot of ESO both with and without the help of the noble Oversized Wolf Boyfriend. I'm still enjoying myself -- enough to drop for an actual subscription fee, which gave my character an unlimited-capacity sack for crafting ingredients.

I don't question the logic of a hammerspace to shove ore, berries, and bits of runestone into. As a toon I am well aware of the joys of having the ability to pull whatever you need out of your pack at any time.

Anyway the thing to do with MMOs is compare them to World of Warcraft, I suppose, because the archetypal Everyone has played World of Warcraft. However I find myself feeling nostalgic over a different game: Dungeons and Dragons Online. Turbine's game shares a lot of similarities with ESO, and does certain things better and some things worse.

Action combat, for example. Both games have clicky combat, swing with mouse 1, dodge by double-tapping sort of manuvering. I remember DDO having a MUCH larger bar for skills... as you would expect. D&D characters are just rich with skills. Elder Scrolls gives you a dozen skill trees but at maximum ten slots (+2 Ultimate slots) to shove them in.

This does help you keep a clearer head during combat ("What are my options?" is always a limited set you prepared carefully ahead of time, and changing weapons to get to skill bar 2 is a Meaningful Action) but I do slightly resent the paucity of options. I know it's probably carefully balanced though. Just... would having an extra utility/support skill slot break everything? (Probably. Players will take every inch they are given and turn it into a mile somehow.)

At least ESO doesn't have a sadistic focus on your stats being built Exactly Correct. Although it's possible the community does.

It's not just the combat, though. Every area in DDO was either a town or an "Adventure Zone", be it a dungeon or overland area, with plenty to do in each. ESO feels similar: You go to town and questgivers fall over themselves to tell you about things to do, then you leave town and find a cave or ruin or a building on fire surrounded by questgivers and resolve some problems.

Or you just ... explore. While one of my characters has carefully been resolving every problem and sidequest she passes, the other has been sprinting off on a cross-faction road trip across the map of Tamriel, ignoring most quests as she romps up and down the roads just seeing the sights and heading for an ultimate goal. You can do this for actual reasons, or you can just do it for fun. It's very nice.

D&D Online had more things to DO in dungeons -- use Spot and hope to find hidden doors, for example... but ESO gives me the same feeling of "Oh dear, this hallway is trapped and I'm going to have to edge around them to that switch down there", or "Ooh! A treasure chest! Lockpicking time!"

The rest of the MMOverse may be off playing Guild Wars 2 (for good reason, it looks like the new expansion is a smash hit with just about everyone) but as usual a game that reminds me of a different game I was quite fond of is what I end up mooning over.
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Posted by MPX

Rachel Maddow reports on the ADAPT protesters who waited in line all day for the only Senate committee hearing to be held on the new ACA repeal bill, and the...
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Оригинал взят у [profile] solar_front в тут понимать надо: Четвертый срок Меркель и Путина - это не одно и то же...
"Четвертый срок Меркель и Путина - это не одно и то же"

"- Здесь есть большая разница. При победе на выборах партии Меркель (имеется в виду блок партий ХДС/ХСС, кандидатом в канцлеры от которого выступает Ангела Меркель - Ред.) она сможет сформировать правительство только при наличии коалиции - а значит, ей придется идти на компромиссы. Путину же нет необходимости идти на компромиссы, ведь депутаты в Госдуме всегда поддерживают все идеи президентской администрации. Понятно, что в России фактически нет оппозиции, а у Меркель она есть."

Гражданин "забывает", что Канцлер не выбирается в ФРГ народом, но президент России - да. Поэтому ему и "коалиция" не особо нужна.

И интеллектуальная мощь немецкого политика:
"У либералов было гораздо меньше средств, чем у других. Поэтому они сделали ставку на интересные и смешные идеи. "

п.с. Вообще это праздник какой-то: всё пропогандисткое говнище решило враз вылится онлайн.

Scanlations: MMK Girl

Sep. 25th, 2017 09:13 pm
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I know this month has been kind of slow with releases, but work is really kicking my butt. ;_; I've got at least one more after this for sure, but hopefully next month will be better!

Anyway, today's release is a one-shot by Mizusawa Megumi. It was included in volume three of Tera Girl, but is a total stand-alone and can be read without having read Tera Girl.

Title: MMK Girl
Original Title: MMKガール (MMK Girl)
Author: Mizusawa Megumi
Publisher: Ribon Mascot Comics
Genre: Shoujo
Status in Japan: One-shot
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations feat. Migeru
Scanlation Status: Complete
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: Rikako has boys falling over her left and right, but the only boy she has eyes for is so devoted to his girlfriend he won't even call Rika by her given name. Is there anything she can do to win his heart?

MMK Girl
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Posted by Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…

1. Do I really have to attend my coworker’s performance meeting?

I am a pharmacist in a small hospital. We have three rotating shifts during the day. One is decentralized and exclusively reviews patient profiles, while the other two divide their time between profile review and dispensing in central pharmacy. Most of the full-time group balance these duties without major conflicts, but one guy makes an art of not pulling his weight. We’ve assigned specific tasks to each shift, tried to talk to him, and for the most part given up on getting more out of him. This week I finally sent an email complaining to our assistant manager because the person who followed his shift mentioned that he hadn’t even done what he was ostensibly too busy working on to help me. It was my first complaint, but not the first about him, and I hedged by suggesting that they check whatever metrics they can monitor in case I just wasn’t appreciating what he was doing.

No act of frustration goes unpunished; now they want me to participate in a discussion with him. They DO have metrics, which she wrote raised “huge concerns that they need to validate with him” (I wish I didn’t know that before him, but I guess I didn’t set a very formal tone in my email). My question is: Is it a weenie move to try to get out of this? If I have to participate, and I’m not trying to get him fired, how do I proceed without making the work relationship worse? I was annoyed when I sent the email, but it was factual and I don’t want to prompt the meeting and then walk back my concerns.

They’re mishandling this. You brought an issue to their attention that they can investigate independently of you. They don’t need you in that meeting.

One option is to say this: “I don’t feel comfortable participating in a performance discussion with Fergus, since I need to preserve a good working relationship with him. My intention was to make you aware of problems with his work that I don’t have the authority to resolve on my own. If my presence in the meeting is essential, please let me know (and hopefully we can talk beforehand about what role you want me to play), but otherwise my intent was simply to bring this to your attention so that you could look into it and draw your own conclusions.”

That said, there’s potentially some value in you attending and getting the issues on the table — if and only if his manager is one to deal with issues once they’re uncovered. But if she’s a pushover or a wimp, I don’t see much value to you to doing this without at least having talked to her directly and gotten a sense of her thinking.

2. Vacation time is being rescinded — but we have nonrefundable reservations

My husband and I planned an expensive, once-in-a-lifetime vacation for two weeks in November, which was approved by both of our companies months ago. Recently, my husband’s employer suggested that they may need to rescind the approval and that we will need to cancel or reschedule the vacation, because they will need him in the office during that time period. The trip is nonrefundable and the trip insurance does not cover work-related cancellations, so we would lose a substantial amount of money if we cancel the vacation now. My husband’s company has stated that they will not reimburse us for the lost cost of the trip.

My husband has explained the above to his boss and they are hoping that they can find a solution that will not result in us losing a ton of money and/or my husband having to quit his job. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If they have a point and he really will be needed then — well, okay, sometimes emergencies happen, but in that case his company should make him whole. At a minimum they should reimburse him for any lost money, and frankly they should probably also give hims some additional vacation time to make up for the inconvenience. That’s what a good company would do.

If he hasn’t already, your husband should say something like this: “I made nonrefundable reservations based on your okaying me being out on those dates. I understand that the business needs changed, but I would lose a substantial amount of money if I need to cancel. Since I relied on the company’s word and acted in good faith, I can’t see canceling and losing all this money unless the company will make me whole. Otherwise, no one will be able to plan with any confidence on ever being able to take a trip, and that would be horrible for morale, beyond just me.” (And if the company doesn’t agree, he should indeed make sure that his coworkers know about this.)

If he’s in good standing with the company and has some capital to use, he could also say something like, “This is a really big deal to me. This is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, our plans have been in place for a long time, and it would be a serious blow to my relationship with the company if I not only have to cancel, but have to lose thousands of dollars to do it. I’ve gone out of my way for the company numerous times over the years, and I’m really taken aback by how this is being handled.”

Alternately, he could try to see if there’s a way for him to do whatever the crucial work is from your trip or agree to be available for calls, etc. That’s not ideal since I’m sure he’d prefer to have a real vacation, but it may be the least bad of the available options.

3. Can we be made to work with a convicted rapist/murderer?

I used to work for a typical dysfunctional family-owned company. The owner was nice, but employed (in all the highest positions, like president) all of his kids… except one. His oldest son has been in prison since 1980 for a murder of his schoolmate during an attempted rape when he was 17. He was on parole at the time for another rape the year before. (I’ve attached a link so you know it is a heinous premeditated crime, and not just a date gone wrong-type thing, and that the first rape was unbelievable for a 16-year-old, but would rather not have you print it because it would be identifying.)

When I worked there, he came up for parole, and the family got all the employees together, saying they expected him to be released and of course he would have a job there, which we would all take a pay cut to fund. Understandably, everyone was quite upset. After the first rape victim wrote the parole board, he was denied parole.

Now I still have friends who work there, and he is up for parole again. Again, they were told that of course he will have a job there “when” he is released. My question is, can they be forced to work with a convicted sex offender/rapist and murderer if he is let out? Is there any recourse they can take? It seems that “hostile work environment” is an understatement in this instance? It is a very small company — like 50 people at most?

There’s no law that would make it illegal for the company to employ a paroled felon, even one convicted of horrible crimes like this. Your former coworkers could try banding together and protesting this as a group, making it clear that they’re not willing to work with him and that the company will be left with no non-familiy employees if they bring him on … but ultimately the company is allowed to go forward with their plans, even if it means losing everyone else.

Hopefully this will end up being a moot issue since the heinous nature of the crime may mean he’s denied parole again … but really, knowing that the company is going to put them through this worry every time he’s up for parole, your former coworkers may be better off starting a job search now so they’re not scrambling if he does get out.

4. Why should you expect confidentiality when job searching?

I have a question about the confidentiality most people expect when job searching. You allude to this, but I can’t find an explanation for it. Why would I expect confidentiality under these circumstances? I can see why it would be to my advantage if potential employers kept my application a secret, but my expectation is that as soon as they see my application they would call my boss right away (particularly if they are acquainted) and warn her “Hey, your minion is applying for a job in my shop.” Please help me understand this.

There’s an informal rule that employers won’t tell job candidates’ current employers that they’re looking, because doing that could get someone fired and that’s a really serious thing. So primarily it’s understood to be a really crappy thing to do to someone. And people who hire are humans, not evil villains who want to ruin other people’s lives. But also, if word gets out that an employer is abusing the confidentiality of the process, good candidates aren’t going to want to risk applying with them.

5. Can I take a four-week vacation with my stockpiled time off?

My company has a generous leave policy. I accumulate 6.5 weeks of leave per year with sick and vacation time combined. My PTO rolls over every year. (If I don’t use it, I DON’T lose it!) Our company policy also allows us to “cash out” leave after we’ve surpassed a certain amount of PTO. I’ve already got a stockpile of leave built up. After next year, I will start to accumulate seven weeks of leave per year.

I would love to use my PTO and take four weeks “staycation”; however, I don’t know one person in our company who has taken that much time off. I’m afraid that if I do take a long break, it will be frowned upon. If a company gives you that much PTO, will they get irritated if you actually use it? Or do you think they just expect me to use it as a “cash out” perk?

It varies, but in general I’d assume that you’re supposed to use it unless/until you see specific evidence to the contrary. That said, they may not want you to take four weeks all at once; many companies are hesitant to approve more than two weeks at a time. But “hesitant” doesn’t mean “won’t” and it’s reasonable to ask about it.

Talk to your manager, tell her that you have a large stockpile of leave built up and that you’re interested in taking a four-week vacation, and ask if that’s something you might be able to work out. The fact that you haven’t seen others do it doesn’t mean that they absolutely won’t approve it, especially if you’re a high performer who they want to keep happy. Or maybe they won’t — but it’s not an outrage to ask.

attending a coworker’s disciplinary meeting, rescinded vacation time, and more was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

Buggy's Boxes - Loot Pets

Sep. 26th, 2017 12:08 am
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Good Loot this time. Jack and Rogue each get a cookie, and Rogue gets a squeaky toy.

(no subject)

Sep. 26th, 2017 12:05 am
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What do you think about most?

trying to find ways to be less useless.

the rest )

88F - 65F : Sunny

Sep. 25th, 2017 10:33 pm
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I woke up early, at 8am, to find a place to take Jack to be quarantined. My mom's vet said they offered that service, so Jack and I made the trek over there. It's really not close. I mean, mom lives 15 minutes from me, but this was 15 minutes in the opposite direction from her. Jack was hiding behind my legs while I filled in paperwork. The woman was like "where's the dog?" and I was like "he's right behind me," so she looked again and went, "goodness this tiny thing is supposed to have hurt someone?" You see my point. She said usually when they have dogs for quarantine it's like boxers, or pit bulls, or dobermans. She's never had a 15lb dog in for quarantine before. She had to physically drag him away from me, which I'm afraid hurt him because she had one of those leashes that just loops over the dog's neck and tightens on his neck instead of attaching to a collar. But eventually he started walking and I cried as he went away.

I came home and went back to bed, but I never managed to get back to sleep. Miss Darden, from the PRRC called me to find out how I was doing a month past graduation. I told her about Jack, and that I was worried the guy might try to sue. She gave me a number for legal aid which will work with you depending on your income. I think we have lawyers we've paid for through Kevin's work, though, which we've already paid for if we need them. Miss Darden said she'd call me again closer to graduation day to see if I wanted to be in the ceremony, but she's done calling me for check ins. I can call her if I need her though, and she made sure I had her extension. I can also call them if I want tickets to something they may be able to get them. I almost missed her call. I saw that the VA hospital had called me, but I assumed it was a reminder for my Thursday appointment. Well, then I got the reminder call for the Thursday appointment, and thought it weird that they would call me twice, so I checked my voicemail, and was pleased that it was Miss Darden.

I rolled out of bed again at noon since I decided I'd eat lunch before golf. I ate a peanut butter sandwich and cried when I got jelly on my computer, and no one immediately shoved his head in there to eat the leftover jelly. Then I went to golf, where I hit approximately 25 shots on the driving range, almost all of them rolling pathetically along the ground and not going up in the air at all. This was a special day at golf because Hines Ward, a super bowl MVP for the Steelers, was there. He works for CNN now, and the head people from CNN all picked a charity to spotlight on the channel between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Well Hines picked BlazeSports, so he was out there today playing golf with us. Because of this after an hour we moved onto the course. Kevin the instructor (as opposed to my Kevin) went with me, and picked all my clubs and helped me track the balls (I kind of lose them in the sky and can't remember where they fell...). I hit my first shot 100 yards, which, yanno, is 75 yards longer than I've ever hit anything before, but after that I was just hitting balls rolling along the ground again. But here's a picture of me with Hines Ward.


Anyway, it was a lot of fun to actually play golf instead of just staying on the driving range. And the area we were playing in was very pretty, although they had lost over 100 trees in the recent tropical storm we had. We only played 3 holes, and then we went in for dinner. We had sandwiches and potato salad (and salad, but with caesar dressing so I couldn't eat any).

I came home and spent some time with Kevin. Rogue REALLY likes the borg cube she got from this month's loot pets. Like, we were squeaking that plus her previous favorite toy, and she was picking the borg cube every time. She also woke me up with it a few times, which normally she doesn't do that with toys. So I guess I'm glad I didn't give it to Jack to destroy, but I feel kind of guilty that I didn't give him any kind of a toy. Then I kind of kidnapped Rogue and locked her in my office with me. The cats are in here too. Aaron is curled up in Jack's usual spot, but Aggie is hiding in the closet. She did spend some time against my chest though.

I think I've made two decisions that might help my sanity. First is that I'm going to intentionally write 0 words in October. Hopefully that will get me over my burn out and I'll be able to start November strong and spit out a novel for NaNo. The other decision is that in November I'm going to count every word I write - even words in this blog, even though they aren't fiction. I just... I don't think my brain will let me push on in any other way. At any rate, I'm still planning to go to write ins on Tuesday and Thursday nights in October, I just don't plan to write. I'll have my laptop and internet connection, so I mean, I can do other things on the internet while I talk to people at the write ins. Maybe I'll start counting blog posts already in my word counts.

I looked at the weather report in order to make the title of this post and found that it is still supposed to be over 90F on Wednesday when I was supposed to go to the zoo and work as a greeter. I decided to cancel that, and sign up for a shift in October when it will be in the 70s. We're supposed to start getting more seasonable weather on Sunday (hey that's my birthday!). That means high 70s, and still not sweatshirt weather, but at least it won't be 90 out anymore. I also signed up for a shift at the aquarium on the day of Red Tower, which I guess means I'm not going to that, but I was kind of leaning towards not going anyway. They're not having any classes. I guess this means my next event is Jour D' Amour in February. I'm alright with that. I don't need to go to a million SCA events anymore. Honestly, the meetings are more fun, and archery practice lets me shoot things monthly, which really if I wanted to shoot more often than that, I'd go to Sol Haven's archery practice, or I'd go shoot archery with BlazeSports every week. Clearly, I don't want to that badly. Although honestly, I may ask Bill if there is teaching at archery, because if I could get someone to watch me shoot and tell me "this is what you're doing wrong," that would be kind of good and I might consider waking up early for that, at least a few times.

Speaking of BlazeSports, swim team is this Saturday, which, I'm sure the Jews on my list are already seeing the problem - it's Yom Kippur and since I skipped out on Rosh Hashanah, I really feel like I ought to go. Also I signed up to go to the break the fast after services. Because I can't make it this month, and didn't make it last month, I cleared out my schedule for next month, which meant cancelling an aquarium shift (which is why I added the one on Red Tower - I need to be going twice a month to get my guest pass next year). I need to be doing a better job of getting hours at the zoo, too, but honestly, it's hot, and I don't have khaki shorts.

I got an email today that my 3rd volunteer gig, the reading to an elementary school student, is set to start on October 3rd. So hopefully that will go better this year. That seems kind of last minute to be telling me about it, but I guess it is what it is. They still haven't told me what time I need to show up. I'm hoping for some time in the afternoon, because my poor little brain.

Sunday is my birthday, and that means talking to my aunt and trying to convince her just to get me amazon gift cards, while she comes up with a million things I absolutely do not want and says, "what about this? what about that?" I think we finally settled on socks. Hopefully she doesn't find a way to fuck that up, but she was already trying to convince me on socks that stop at the ankles pretty hard, which I will never wear because I hate socks that stop at the ankles. Honestly, I appreciate that she wants to buy me a present, but I don't understand what her thing is against buying me what I ask for? My parents make things easier. I send them a link, and they order it. My sister will get me an amazon gift card. That's all the presents I expect.

I've been listening to the radio to try to find a song to add to my collection on the first (I always add a song to my collection on the first of every month. It keeps me up to date with modern music and stops me from getting too bored with the music I have). Unfortunately, I really don't hear anything new and clever this month. Does anyone have any suggestions? (Send youtube links!) I like pop, hate rap, and really hate rap in my pop. Some favorites include Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Pink, and Lady Gaga. I particularly like listening to songs with a good message.

I miss my puppy.


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