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My review site's patreon can be found here.

James Davis Nicoll is creating Book reviews
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Another year survived! 58 down, infinity to go.

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Go Me

Mar. 14th, 2019 12:40 pm
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I had two articles this week at tor dot com, I signed up for comment
alerts for each individual comment, and both turned out to generate a lot
of comments. Basically, I managed to create my own bespoke denial of
service attack on my email.


Mar. 14th, 2019 09:51 am
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Blood work all normal save for b12. I've gone from having basically none to unusually high levels. Although I am not a doctor I managed to work out why this might be: a close look at the jar of B12 pills I take reveals that rather than picking a jar of 1000 unit pills, I got 5000 unit pills instead.
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James Nicoll review

I was curious about the James Nicoll review, so I had a look at his website, where he states that he accepts payments to $100 review a book. Given the wealth of material out about this novella, I'm very uncomfortable with using a reviewer who charges to review books, unless there is some reason why this particular reviewer needs to be included. Thoughts?

First thought: it's possible Bilby thinks I get paid by the authors or publishers to promote their books. I don't: authors and other people too closely connected to the production of a book cannot commission reviews of said books.

Second thought: Does Bilby think reviewers at Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and so on are reviewing for free?


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