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ca. 1915. Sir Robert Borden, Canadian Prime Minister, opens Victory Bond campaign in Toronto. Mayor Thomas Langton Church is at extreme left. Photo by William James. Public Domain.

A call for “Canadian Manhood Power”
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Dairy herd, Bodalla (Australia). Gift of Australian Consolidated Press under the Taxation Incentives for the Arts Scheme, 1985.

Not Kitchener
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Black and white photograph of 118th Soliders relaxing (1916-1918). Image citation: Kitchener Public Library. Image citation P009597. Kitchener Public Library Collection.

First, we take Ontario; then we take Canada
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ca 1880s. Group of five unidentified men with glasses of beer and a keg. Possibly brewery employees. Image Citation: Waterloo Public Library, C-5-19

Fewer drunks, more money
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11 September 1916 118th Battalion, Presentation of the Colours, Victoria Park, Kitchener. Photographer unknown, possibly Gordon Eby (1890-1965) (Der).

Boys and Girls
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Black and white photograph of residence and bakery of Louis Bardon located at 66 Foundry Street, Berlin, Ontario. (before 1906) Image Citation: Kitchener Public Library. P008295

Kitchener will come in quiet
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JM Schneider plant. ca. 1909-1914 Photograph by Norman Schneider (JM Schneider’s son).

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Field kitchen – presented to 95th Batt. C.E.F. by Riverdale Business Men’s Ass’n., 1915. A. W. Barton. Glass plate negative. Reference Code: C 121-1-0-13-1 Archives of Ontario, I0019309

Let It Rain
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Two artillery shells manufactured during WWI by Canadian Buffalo Forge Company of Berlin (ON) and Goldie & McCulloch of Galt, 1915. City On Edge exhibition, Waterloo Region Museum 2016.

Kitchens, at home and for the boys
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1916. Training for trench warfare at Camp Borden. Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol (Flickr) Object ID 2007.0062.200

Leaving Carling Heights. Arriving at Camp Borden.
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(After 1911) King Street, Waterloo, Ontario Postcard. C 5 20. Waterloo Public Library. Alexander house is the grey building on the right hand side

Dominion Day, 1916
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Berlin, Ontario’s 1916 referendum ballot to choose a new name. Public Domain. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The long, slow vote to a new name
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(191?) Bridgeport Bridge, Bridgeport, Ontario Postcard. P000354. Waterloo Historical Society Collection

"The ABBA edition" of Rye & Ginger.
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Psycho Cycles, poster by G. Moore, ca. 1892. Image credit: Pinterest

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Colour postcard of Berlin, Ontario, showing the train station, the Carnegie Library, the Court House, two scenes of Victoria Park, and the Post Office. (postmarked 1914) Image Citation: Waterloo Historical Society. P000246

Sorting through thousands and thousands of names

A detail of Kitchener's Great Renaming of which I was previously unaware:

"Mayor Hett and Waterloo’s Mayor Hilliard spoke on behalf of the joint amalgamation committee, who wanted to have “Waterloo” as one of the six names shortlisted. That way, Berliners could (in a sense) vote to join their city with the neighbouring town."
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Members of the 118th (North Waterloo) Battalion leaving the Berlin train station for training in London, Ontario. Photograph by Denton, Ernest (1883-1957), 1916. P000488. Waterloo Historical Society Collection

15 May 1916: Colonel Lochead’s open letter to Berliners


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