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Young Man Axelbrod

An old Minnesota farmer, convinced he needs an education, heads to Yale. He soon discovers his age makes him a pariah on campus.

I think the ending is telegraphed by the scene where he betrates working class scholars for grumping about rich kids getting a free ride.

And that's it for CBS Radio Workshop, all 86 episodes.
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Time Found Again

Trapped in a marriage fractured by his self-centered indifference, the protagonist is tempted to use a mysterious ability to visit the past to marry a woman there to whom he feels an affinity, at least for the moment. Happily this proves unnecessary as his wife realizes the secret to true happiness is complete and utter subjugation to her husband.

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People Are No Good

A misanthrope is granted the glorious isolation for which he yearns.

This was very Twilight Zoneish.
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Grief Drives a Black Sedan

A bullying, self-centered man experiences an epiphany about how awful he is as the result of a hit and run he commits while hectoring his wife.
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Sweet Cherries in Charleston

Having bought his own freedom, Denmark Vesey organizes a slave uprising, planned to begin on Bastille Day, July 14, 1822. The plan survives betrayal but only for a short time.

Wikipedia on Denmark Vesey

CBS Radio Workshop seems to have viewed American slavery with open hostility (the other story set during this period has the woman beat a man for trying to enslave her). I assume CBS Radio Workshop wasn't broadcast in the South.
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The Celestial Omnibus

A nauseasingly twee story about a young boy with True Faith and his corrupt, jaded mentor having an encounter with Heaven. It doesn't really go all that well for either of them because the people in Heaven are jerks and their buses don't have seat belts.
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Malihini Magic (Vacations)

A couple with wildly inaccurate ideas about Hawaii visits Honolulu, where they don't have much fun until a local friend gives them pointers about not being tourists.

Wow, that brochure really played up the submissive brown-skinned native angle.
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The Heart of the Man

A discussion of the seeming impossibility of what is now routine heart surgery, in some sections from the POV of the abstract heart.

There's a sad bit where a surgeon argues that heart surgery *has* to be impossible because if it's possible then he let his wife die because he wasn't a good enough doctor.
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Never Bet the Devil Your Head

A satirical tale about a ne'er-do-well whose family and friends fail utterly to reform despite their efforts in rhetoric and physical abuse. In the end, the fellow suffers an appropriate fate.

Wikipedia's article on "Never Bet the Devil Your Head".
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The Green Hills of Earth

An abrasive spaceman looses his eyesight in an accident his behavior made worse, affording him an entry into the lucrative world of itinerant folk singing.

This is substantially different from the Dimension X/X Minus One version(s). The whole college educated newbie versus illiterate veteran angle is lost, Rhysling is more of a jackass than a space coot, and the scenes set on Venus are gone. As well, Rhysling seems to have had a recording deal before his career ended. In general, the story focuses on the accidents that bookend Rhysling's wandering musician career and not so much on his experiences on the road.

Rhysling seems to be a Jonah; I guess any ship that would have him had to be in rough shape.
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The Silent Witness

Raymond Burr plays a lawyer whose only impediment to total victory is a single mute witness of seemingly easily besmirched character. Hilarity ensues.
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This would have been more timely a few days ago: it is an account of the Battle of Gettysburg, in which the Slavers and their fellow travelers lost an important battle to the United States.

Don't know the battle in detail so I cannot comment on the accuracy.
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Meditations on Ecclesiastes

What it says on the tin. Mostly musical, although there is an odd musing on fallout at the beginning and a reading at the end.
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Housing Problems

A couple reacts to their border's request not to look under the cover of his "birdcage" by looking under the cover of his "birdcage". What they find is a reclusive community of pixies, which they proceed to annoy until that lot of pixies moves out. It gets worse from there.

Yeah, the humans deserve pretty much everything that happens to them. They show a special talent for quick justifications for doing whatever occurs to them at the moment coupled to an inability to learn from experience.
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The Seven Hills

This is about Rome but the sound on the file I was listening too was iffy and I couldn't sort it out from the ambient noise on the bus.
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I Have Three Heads

A tour of the heady world of reel-to-reel tape machines as used in the world of radio, given from the point of view of a veteran reel-to-reel tape machine.

The technology is now largely outdated but some of the points, including what a malicious editor can do with editing, still stand.
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The Long Way Home

In post-nuclear war America, rag tag armies drawn from across the world fight over the scraps left by the war. Soldiers find sticking with their buddies on the battlefield more seductive than the pretty young women they meet on the way to those battlefields.

Well, that was a bit of a downer.
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Heaven is in the Sky

A description of the Pacoima aircraft accident, in which seven people were killed, four airmen and three schoolboys, and more than seventy others injured when a Douglas DC-7 o crashed into the schoolyard of Pacoima Junior High School following a mid-air collision, as well as eye-witness reports and interviews with parents.

Yes, this is the incident that made Ritchie Valens so paranoid about flying.
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The Long Way Home

Nuclear war has smashed most of the world, leaving rag tag armies drawn from across the world to fight over the scraps. One young soldier spins tales about the life he'd like to live with a young woman he has just met but when the chance for a battle comes, he leaves to fight with his fellow soldiers.

Well this was a downer. Not as bad as the one to follow, though.


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