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Ford in happier days.

Project Brazen 2 detectives have established that Mayor Rob Ford’s frequent communications and meetings with Alexander "Sandro" Lisi are "indicative to that of drug trafficking," according to new police documents released in court.
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Bitter divisions inside Stephen Harper's cabinet over Toronto Mayor Rob Ford recently erupted on the floor of the House of Commons and triggered a profane battle between two of the prime minister's most powerful ministers.

Long time Ford friend and apparent enabler Flaherty may best known right now for his connection to tax evasion expert Mint. Flaherty was never on Second City; Rob Ford and Mayor Tommy Shanks are different people.
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Coun. Doug Ford says he’s sorry if he offended anyone by handing out cash to people living in a Toronto Community Housing building last night, promising to switch to Tim Hortons gift cards in future.


Toronto Star city hall reporter Daniel Dale has taken the first step toward suing Mayor Rob Ford over comments he made in a televised interview with Conrad Black. Dale claims the mayor implied he was a pedophile.
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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford sparked another controversy and the threat of legal action when he appeared to accuse a newspaper reporter of having pedophilic tendencies in a televised interview.

The Toronto Star journalist, Daniel Dale, denounced any such suggestion as "categorically false."
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Kidnapping, Blackmail, Heroin: A Guide to the Latest Allegations in the Rob Ford Investigation
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Photo is a link to contextualizing article.
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Toronto City Council broke into chaos Monday afternoon after Mayor Rob Ford seemingly charged towards a spectator in the galley, knocking over a city councillor in the process, after his brother Doug Ford screamed “scumbags” at the public.

The mayor took off running after his brother got into a verbal argument with the crowd, hitting Councillor Pam McConnell, knocking her backwards, before catching her and helping her steady herself.
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Detectives watched a house at 51 Benway Dr. in north Etobicoke this summer. That turns out to be where a red Ford Mustang used by Lisi was parked. Some of the activities officers observed are blacked out.


The Star discovered that 51 Benway was named in a February police news release related to a missing woman, Jaclyn Dawe, 35, who was last seen there on Feb. 9, 2013.

Police spokesman Mark Pugash said Saturday that Dawe is still missing. There is nothing in the document, other than the address, to connect the missing woman to Boot or Lisi.
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Toronto city council has voted 39-3 to remove Mayor Rob Ford's power to hire and fire the deputy mayor and appoint members of his executive committee.

The vote Friday means Ford, a mayor mired in scandal, will continue his last 11 months as mayor with severely limited powers.


Nov. 15th, 2013 10:52 am
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"Cocaine, escorts and poutine: 10 allegations from the Rob Ford documents"? How is poutine an allegation?

Anyway, Ontario's premier is being very cautious about intervention*. If the province gets involved, it won't be a unilateral act on their part, nor will the Liberals act alone; ideally both the NDP and the Tories would have to sign off on whatever is done.

Issues for the parties to consider: Ford Nation is likely to see any action by the NDP and the Liberals as a leftist coup. As well, neither "support the guy whose drug pecadillos make daily news" or "anger the right-leaning supporters of same" can look all that attractive to the Tories, who would normally count on Ford Nation votes.

* I am not sure what would be involved in de-amalgamation but it would solve Toronto's short term problem by transforming Ford from Mayor of the largest city in Canada to the Mayor of Etobicoke.


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