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At about six AM, Ibid let the world or at least everyone in ear shot know how unhappy he was that Fig decided to ninja his way up to a window Ibid cannot reach.

Poor Ibid

Sep. 10th, 2016 11:25 am
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He's a cuddle cat in a colony of near cats. The other cats will allow him to place one paw on them but that's it. This may be because when he was younger he would drape himself across one of the other, much smaller cats and inadvertantly pin them in place.

Today he settled down between Fig and Groucho, with a hind paw on Fig and a fore paw on Groucho. All fine except both Fig and Groucho got up and moved slightly farther apart, which meant Ibid had to stretch extra long to touch both. Which he did because wow, he's huge.


May. 17th, 2016 05:35 pm
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I have never given Fig fresh catnip before. Only dried.

He started going nuts as soon as he could see me and spent over an hour bouncing off the walls after eating a single leaf.

Interestingly, even when he was desperately grabbing at the hand with the nip, he kept his claws in....
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Attention people in Waterloo County and neighboring regionL

10 year old King George is very sweet but shy. He needs a new home due to allergy issues. A friend is putting him up but her cats do not like him so that is probably not a long term solution.

If you would like to give a nice cat a nice home, contact george@literallysarah.com.
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If I point at something, Ibid looks where I am pointing, not at my finger.
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This is Rufus impatient to have me provide him with the Red Dot. The only reason he tolerates me at all is because I control the Red Dot.Read more... )
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My poor cat Groucho becomes extra shaggy in the winter and as a result has endless trouble with snarls in his coat. And he hates having them combed or trimmed out. Oh, well. Fur's twirled problems.
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Last night, Ibid retrieved the Tims bag from the garbage so he could sleep with it on. And he's worked out how to remove it before eating.

Poor Fig

Mar. 21st, 2016 12:37 am
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He knows what the nail trimmers are for and unlike Ibid can work out that if the other cats are being trimmed, he will be too. And he does not like that. But what he likes even less is being left out so once everyone else is trimmed he reluctantly jumps into my lap.
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Groucho came over to sleep next to me, only to find Ibid curled up next to the spot where Groucho likes to sleep. Groucho growled at Ibid, who opened one eye and then, without breaking eye contact, stretched out to cover both spots.
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He worked how to slide under the blanket by himself without tunneling all the way across the bed until he falls out.

He discovered that if he does this at the bottom of the bed he finds feet, which earned his Amazed! look much like the one he gave me on discovering Nameless in her closet. Although he did not then try to save me by dragging me by the scruff of my neck, which is what he did for Nameless, once.

Poor Ibid

Nov. 23rd, 2015 08:55 pm
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Groucho has taken to growling at Ibid so Ibid will move, allowing Groucho to commandeer the warm place where Ibid was sleeping.

Note that Ibid is three or four times larger than Groucho.
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Aged tomcat Groucho has worked out a new way to reinforce who is in charge by sleeping in the dry food dish and bopping Ibid on the nose when he tried to eat.

So tired

Jul. 31st, 2015 11:47 am
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Fig and Ibid think hot weather is the best. And I think they have some means of drawing energy directly out of the ambient atmosphere. A process that involves jumping on me from the top of the book shelf, and clawing at me to get me to play. Or as it turns out, gently push them off the edge of the bed.

(Also, they wanted me to know they ran out of dry food just after all the stores closed. They don't actually like dry food but they didn't like not having the option to eat it....)

There's a certain chance they will be locked out of the bedroom tonight so I can get eight hours sleep.
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Pushing things off the top shelf onto or behind Ibid. Happily, I store spare pillows and blankets up there and not, say, my copy of the CRC Handbook on Physics and Chemistry.
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My ear is not a proper repository for kibble.
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Spoiled by the fact Ibid is so much bigger than Groucho that Groucho cannot knock Ibid over. Ibid seems to like the attention, though.
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I bet the meal would be even better if he waited for me to put food in his bowl before jamming his face into it.


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