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I would like to expand on something Mamatas said: someone go check with Neville Doherty if Irene Gallo can withdraw her apology now.

What passes for comedy for the Puppies.
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John Ringo's Understanding SJW logic and why it is destroying science fiction

I liked the part where he discusses Redshirts while admitting he never read it.

Hugos were trashed decades ago after Orson Scott Card won for Ender's Game. EG was a great novelette. (I liked the book less.) But the HORROR of a person who was opposed to aspects of SOCIAL JUSTICE and a devout MORMON winning the HUGO award!

My memory is that fans were so outraged by the Enders Game win that they brutally inflicted another Hugo on Card the following year and in 1988 and 1991. In fact, I don't recall a backlash against Card until his Sunstone essay.


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