Jan. 29th, 2017

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Shared with permission (facebook warning)

Those of you who follow me on Facebook here know that I joined the Conservative Party of Canada around the middle of November, about a week after Trump won the election. I did so because leadership candidate Kellie Leitch praised Trump and speculated that there was a similar groundswell of Trump-like supporters waiting to be tapped. I could not stand idly by. I found a leadership candidate that I thought would make a decent leader of the Conservative Party (Michael Chong), paid my $15, signed the forms properly, and got my membership card a couple of weeks ago. I also got a whole lot of campaign e-mail from the many candidates. Read more... )
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In my last post, I launched A Region That Really Schmecks to celebrate Waterloo Region’s diverse cultures and foods. Your response to my Edna story and the series was great—thank you.

Now, I need your help.


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