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The Jaguar Hunter Part 1
The Jaguar Hunter Part 2

In which a retired jaguar hunter is forced to decide between his cheating, avaricious wife or the personification of the magic of his Native American people. WHICH! WILL! HE! CHOOSE!

Yeah, I was just thinking SF needs more stories where it turns out native magic is real. Also, the decision to have characters borrow the accents from the "We don need no steeking badges" guys in Treasure of the Sierra Madre was an interesting one, given that presumably they would have been talking to each other in Spanish in what would be to them the regular accent for that language.

Lou Diamond Phillips as Esteban Caax
Chita Rivera as Miranda
Al Espinosa as Juan
Ramon de Ocampo as Eduardo/Raimundo
Denise Casano as Customer/Widow
Rafael Ferrer as Onofrio/Grandfather
John LaGioia as Father
Sara Ramirez as Encarnacion


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