May. 3rd, 2017

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Was out for a walk and a big guy started following me real close at Charles and Cedar. When I asked if he was following me, he said yes. But there were always cars around and when I cut over to King, he ran off, apparently to get the number 7.

The interesting thing is this happened right across the street from where I got pegged with a beer bottle by a parolee a few years back. I never saw beer bottle guy. Wonder if it was him?
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I got a call from a cop half an hour after I called the police to report being followed. Turns out A: my description was actually pretty spot-on, and B: happened to match a guy who got kicked out of the half-way house about 20 minutes before I got accosted. Connecting the dots turned out to be very easy. OK, not as easy as the time the guy who attacked me had his name tattooed on his chest but pretty easy.


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