Date: 2017-05-19 04:44 pm (UTC)
elf: Many Americans have all the virtues of civilized people (American virtues)
From: [personal profile] elf
The only not-horrible (I really couldn't write "good") side to a Pence presidency is that he doesn't have the broad support base. While he really wants to implement the Republic of Gilead, and much of congress would be happy to go along with that, he doesn't have the ability to steamroll over the arguments about minutia, AND he wants a religious foundation to political activities that is going to be rejected by every court that even remotely looks at it.

(Among other reasons, the Satanic Temple has been increasing their activism. Any attempts to implement "all religious-inspired prejudices are okay" are going to be met with "yay, we can finally proselytize directly to other people's children.") (They've already done this, and the result was grade schools rethinking their rules about allowing religious materials to be distributed on-campus.)

Pence has even less ability than the current president to get people to set aside their differences and work together, and he doesn't have a team ready to step in and take over all the positions that will suddenly become open. So no matter how bad he is, there's likely to be an extra few months of utter chaos before anything substantial happens.

It's also likely he's also implicated in the current Russian fiascos, at least in the sense of "knew something really shady was going on, and didn't want to lose his cushy job so he didn't tell anyone." Aid-and-abet is pretty far down on the list of crimes they're currently looking at, but it's still there.
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