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Revolt on Prison Rock Part 1
Revolt on Prison Rock Part 2

Captain Jeffers, Tom and Roger are on duty patrolling near the Prison when the warden makes the mistake of trusting trustee Holt. Holt, aided by thugish lifer Bull Carson Read more... )
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Greatest Show in the Universe Part 1
Greatest Show in the Universe Part 2

Tom and Roger are assigned to escort duty again (although you'd think if the whole 'got narco-gassed, framed for the murder of an entire crew, failed to prevent the kidnapping of their charge, committed a string of crimes clearing their names' thing didn't disqualify them, that time they let the guy they were escorting get flat out murdered would). This time they have to accompany Read more... )
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Marooned with Death Part 1
Marooned with Death Part 2

More interstellar stuff and it's even more unsatisfactory about how interstellar flight works in this setting than the previous episode. Read more... )
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Danger in Deep Space Part 1
Danger in Deep Space Part 2

We finally get to find out how interstellar travel works in Tom Corbett, Space Cadet. I warn you now the answers are not satisfying. Read more... )
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The usual caveat applies: lots of movie projects never make it to the silver screen. I still own a copy of Alan E. Nourse's The Blade Runner with a Soon to be a Motion Picture! blurb on the cover.

Bluewater Productions has announced plans for two feature films.

Teaming with Pleroma Entertainment, the publisher's comics properties Insane Jane and Tom Corbett: Space Cadet have been targetted for big-screen adaptations.


Based on the novels by Carey Rockwell, the Tom Corbett comic follows the adventures of a young interstellar cadet with a vintage, 1950s style.
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Escort of Death Part 1
Escort of Death Part 2

Tom and Roger - I get the feeling the writers didn't really care for Astro - get called in for Special Duty, something Roger is very pleased to see involves Read more... )
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Holiday of Terror Part 1
Holiday of Terror Part 2

Tom, Astro and Roger are on leave on Venus, planning on enjoying the entertainments offered by Astro's mining town home, when Read more... )
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Sparkling Meteor Part 1
Sparkling Meteor Part 2

A Solar Guardsman on comet patrol out beyond Mars suddenly falls silent after reporting a mysterious sparkling asteroid. Read more... )
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Double Cross in Space Part 1
Double Cross in Space Part 2

Upset that he seemingly flunked out of the Academy, Cadet Roger Manning storms away before he can be informed he wasn't on the main list of cadets who passed because he Read more... )
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Atmosphere of Death Part 1
Atmosphere of Death Part 2

Tom and Roger's mission is straight forward: deliver Barton Reed, a man with information vital to the security of Venus and the Solar Alliance, to Commander's Arkwright's office at the Space Academy. Sadly, the Commander isn't in his office and despite orders not to leave Reed alone, Read more... )
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Giant of Mercury Part 1
Giant of Mercury Part 2

The boys are eagerly looking forward to shore leave on tropical Venus but sadly this is not called "That time the writers of Tom Corbett very bravely did an episode about A Disease of Venus" and in fact Venus isn't even in the title. It seems there's an issue on Mercury: Read more... )
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Asteroid of Danger Part 1
Asteroid of Danger Part 2

Kindly Doctor Dale - who may be the only woman in the show but one with a science (or perhaps a Science!) degree and a position of authority - leaves the boys in the physics lab to carry out a task involving radio-active ore. Read more... )


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