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My to-do list looks like this:
One Sullivan F
Something Norton (part of the 50Ni50W, if that is OK, so beginning the week after Podkayne) F

500 Years After (own) M
Rivers of London (sigh) M
The Dark Colony (own) M
The Venus Belt (own) M

and while the Norton will kick off 50Ni50W, none of the others fits Rediscovery or Translation. Well, the Sullivan might if I knew which one I was going to pick (It won't be Maul). If I ditch the themes, I can read all of these this week.

I just wish it wasn't 2F:4M. Next week I will have to address that.
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Not least because they were specifically for Rediscovery reviews.

Current version:

A: You can buy a review for a book for $100 (or by supporting my Patreon: see its page for specific details).

B: Authors may not buy reviews of their own books nor can their family members, publishers or agents. I have the right to decline any book; this is not to be taken as a negative comment on the author or book.

Authors may point out to me that their qualifying books are now out and while I cannot promise to read said, there will not be a charge if I do.

I reserve the right to break my own rules (except for B because, wow, can authors buying reviews go horribly wrong fast).


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