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The screen turned white a few times in the summer and I thought maybe that was how it would cease to function. Now I think it will be the battery that goes first: it lost something like 25% of its charge in an hour.
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Poll #18908 A poll for people who have both an ebook library and an ereader
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 134

What fraction of your ebook library do you load onto your ereader?

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A very small fraction
14 (10.4%)

A small fraction
15 (11.2%)

Some of my ebooks
24 (17.9%)

Most of my ebooks
33 (24.6%)

All of my ebooks
39 (29.1%)

More than all of my ebooks; some of the review arcs expired
1 (0.7%)

I would like to complain about this poll
3 (2.2%)

Some other answer (see comments)
5 (3.7%)

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New NASA study shows moon once had an atmosphere

Seventy million years is longer than I would have guessed the Moon could hold onto an atmosphere.
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Say I upgrade my Kobo in the new year. I have a lot of ebooks. I notice whenever I get a large stack of ebooks (from Orbit, say), my Aura takes a while to process them all. If I drop a thousand ebooks into a brand new Kobo, how long will the sort take? Hours? Days?
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If the elderly cat I am caretaking is _not_ pregnant, thanks.
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One squirrel trudging alone, a nut in its mouth, while another, equally tired looking squirrel trudged after the first.
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What's the best cover art published in 2017 that you've seen?
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As I was preparing to leave, having given up on spotting the reclusive cat, I looked at an innocuous set of boxes.

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