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Came in for a morning shift, found this:

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Project Lucifer: Will Cassini Turn Saturn into a Second Sun?

This is from a few years ago. I wonder what the people who thought it was plausible are doing now? Aside from presumably supporting Trump.
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Simplicity surrounds us at Cambridge's Genesis Latin American Restaurant, but the food — tried and true recipes that mix flavours, colours, and textures — is anything but simple.
More here.
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You realize that yet again the book cover for a commissioned review is probably NSFW. Yay, Disco Era Boris Vallejo art. Well, I can just do the book I was going to do for Tuesday for Saturday and vice versa...
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I prefer it when "pooped on from a great height" remains a metaphor.


Sep. 12th, 2017 12:14 pm
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People keep spontaneously mentioning to me that a certain person who screwed me over is a follower, not in the Facebook sense but in the sense of being a natural minion in search of a leader. Why would that be considered useful information?


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