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Fire Watch - Part 1
Fire Watch - Part 2

A student, having studied for one era is tossed back into a completely different one to carry out ... research seems too kind a word. Clumsy bumbling around while testing the limits of causal protection (for what it's worth, basically blabbing out history to come to people in WWII London does not break history) and making blind accusations of treason based on Insane Troll Logic (which to be fair, other people are also using) is a bit closer. He discovers WWII was in many respects unpleasant.

I had such fond memories of this story.

Every single thing that was wrong with Black Out/All Clear was there right from the beginning, wasn't it. Well, except for the page count bloat.

You know, one odd thing about this setting is that if this was my only evidence I'd conclude Willis never went near a university in her life but not only does she have a degree, her husband is a professor. Despite this, it's kind of hard to reconcile this with any post-secondary program I am aware of.

Did we get an explanation as to what happened to cats in the original story? And was it related to how every single revolving door in the world was removed so thoroughly that even knowledge of them was gone by the 2060s?

Did they expand the Commie Terrorists Destroy St. Paul's and also a lot of England and less important places plot? I don't remember that taking up as much time in the original short story. I also don't recall the pinpoint bomb being quite that powerful but it could be it was and I just missed it.

Ignoring Europe (which got done in by fallout), incinerating all of London out to the A20 takes a 10 MT device and since this was a ground burst I think you have to quadruple the yield. That sounds like a hell of a yield to get out of a nuke small enough to be hidden in whatever one Neo-Commie Terrorist could carry into St. Paul's without being seen. I think in theory you can get 50 kilotons/kilogram of fusion device but that would make still the St Paul's pinpoint bomb around 800 kg, which still seems a little big to slip into one's backpack.

Sebastian Roché as Bartholomew
Rika Daniel as Frieda
Ian Reed as Langby
George Holmes as Dunworthy
Rita Ben-Or
Anthony Ferguson
Nicholas Haylett
Gideon Juvenal
Ron Keith
Giovanni Pucci
John Rainer
Dieter Riesele
Vicki Stuart
Felix Van Dyke
Nicky as the Cat
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