Nov. 25th, 2018

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How I reached a thousand reviews in less than four years

1 Work comes first. If whatever you are doing doesn't get you closer to a tangible goal, consider if you're investing your limited time wisely. Simple comparative advantage shows that society is better off if social people concentrate on social stuff while productive people focus on stuff that matters. You may get push-back on this but bear in mind if your kids were cats, the little slackers would be hunting mice for themselves already.

2 Set concrete goals, measure your progress against those goals. It's particularly good to vocally compare your achievements to your peers' because nothing frees up time that might otherwise be invested in on social activities than cheerfully informing people who might otherwise be well disposed towards you that one's productivity is almost two orders of magnitude higher than theirs, or complimenting said peers for managing to review books by POC at a rate about one percent of one's own rate. Well, closer to half a percent but who's counting?

3 Approach your projects with the determination of someone with four broken ribs and a five kilometer march through a blizzard in front of them. Better to die in a snow drift than surrender to mere reason.


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