Jul. 31st, 2017

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After sacrificing his previous business and marriage, the Mooch is out after just ten days at the White House.
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What should I review for Sunday?

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Low hanging fruit that will get views but which is not really a challenge
11 (13.9%)

An incredibly obscure but influential classic
57 (72.2%)

I would like to complain about this poll
8 (10.1%)

Something else (post in comments)
3 (3.8%)

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I was asked to ID a story from this description. I failed.

The world is an ocean. Organic islands grow and become continents. But the cycle closes with
a world wide fire and resets the clock of the civilization. 

Civilization struggles to become spacefaring. 
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Asked when I'd have to replace my venerable (old enough I have dark hair) bus ID for the new chipped card. Was told probably not soon because the new fare machines have teething issues. Specifically, issues dealing with cash. ID card may or may not be delayed until the ION is up and running.
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Thought Jasmine's cats were in the basement. In fact, Rufus was upstairs. Noticed my two were being suspiciously quiet. Found Rufus under the bed, looking affronted, Fig under the bed by the wall looking like something had not gone according to plan and Ibid sprawled out with a paw reached out to Rufus. R not happy at all but no fighting.


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