Apr. 3rd, 2017

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Books Received March 25 - 31

Interesting fact I was not aware of until recently: just because Kitchener Public Library allows several people to reserve a book does not mean that they are planning on getting that book any time soon.
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People of Terra Nova! Our fellowship of Black Talons bring you the Heavy Gear Bundle, featuring the 2003 Third Edition of Dream Pod 9's tabletop science fiction roleplaying game Heavy Gear. Starting as a tactical miniatures wargame of armored combat on the distant world of Terra Nova in the 62nd Century, Heavy Gear spawned two video games and an animated TV series. The tabletop RPG in this offer is renowned for exciting combat, a detailed and plausible setting, and an epic storyline of interstellar warfare.

This bargain-priced collection gives you everything you need for a complete roleplaying campaign of military action on Terra Nova.

More here.
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Prepare a citrus-heavy stir-fry while singing "Because you're mine, I wok the lime."


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