Mar. 8th, 2017

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Get hit by flying blue box: unlocked
Get hit by different flying blue box: unlocked
Get hit by flying lawn sign: unlocked
Get hit by whatever is in the photo: unlocked
Make what was in retrospect the unwise decision to walk downwind of a gravel lot: also unlocked

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About 25 years after Pennsylvania Mennonites arrived, another group of US emigrants started a new life in what would be Waterloo Region. They—freemen and runaway slaves—founded settlements on undeveloped lands in Colbornesburg and later in Queen’s Bush. By the 1840s, the Queen’s Bush Settlement became the largest and the most widely scattered of all Upper Canada’s black settlements. While many saw it as a fugitive slave community, it was a diverse group of people that included runaway slaves and freemen from the US, Canadian-born blacks, and white settlers.

Queen’s Bush: We marched right into the wilderness


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