Feb. 1st, 2017

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The cat's attempt to pretend it was not with the dog was undermined by the dog's insistence on gripping the cat's lead with its mouth.

(there is at least one other leash trained cat in the neighbourhood, an ex-feral who in winter insists on riding its human's shoulder)
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A new study suggests that each month oxygen from Earth travels along the solar wind, eventually reaching the lunar surface.

Interesting but this bit:

"But if you're hoping that it will one day make it easier to settle on our celestial neighbour, think again."

compels me to point out oxygen is not rare on the Moon. Regolith is about 40% oxygen. Of course, it's bound in chemical compounds but then so is most of the oxygen on Earth.
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"I wonder what a CJ Cherryh comedy would be like?"

"Wait, what if all of her novels were intended as comedies and I just misread them?"


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