Jan. 31st, 2017

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23 books read. 12 by women (52%). 10 by men (43%). 1 by non-binary authors (4%). Ah, my old foe, rounding error. This month has an atypically high fraction of men because last month I convinced myself that December 31 fell on the Sunday and did a double review of books by men, counting them against December’s stats. There were days I knew December 31 was on the Saturday. Truly, the ability of the brain to believe two mutually exclusive facts is impressive.

POC 6 (26%). It’s just dumb luck it was that high.

More here.
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After savagely determining that I don't have metal particles in my head, they've brutally scheduled an MRI for me in about a month. More calamitously, it's covered by OHIP, denying me the chance to go bankrupt over unavoidable medical charges.
It turns out a corollary of a 24/7 service is that someone gets to be imaged at dark O'clock. I got 3:30 AM. I am told I could try to get a different time but I figure someone will get stuck with that slot and it might as well someone who won't lose a workday over it.


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