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For Mutants and Masterminds fans, this started off as the Tech-Head Template.

Hero High is for teenaged heroes.

Dana Mehr is a bright, young, technically-inclined autodidact who decided to build his own set of powered armour. There are a lot of tricky design issues involved, which he solved in an ingenious way: he turned to magic, another field in which he excels. It's amazing what information you can find in old libraries and on the internet. And really, aren't science and magic just two words for knowledge?

For various reasons, he plays up the "self taught tech genius" and plays down the "self taught talented sorcerer." Geodesic seemed like an acceptably bland, misleading name, unlike, say, TechnoMage.

Dana has very little interest in fisticuffs, thus the absence of overt weapons. Also, a fair amount of the design is "secondary powers necessary to survive the primary abilities."

(I didn't start out from there but this is sort of Kid Doctor Doom as a good guy)

Age 14   Height 165 cm     Weight 50 kg    Hair Black   Eyes Black

Strength -1     Stamina 0         Dodge 5
Agility 1       Dexterity 2       Parry 6
Fighting 0      Intellect 8       Fortitude 5
Awareness 4     Presence 0        Toughness 10
                                  Will 6


Geodesic Suit: Removable (-11 points) • 44 points
Wave Guide Armor: Protection 4 • 4 points
Force Field: Impervious Protection 6, Sustained, Stacks with Armor • 12 points
Effectors: Move Object  8, precise • 17 points
Alternate Effect: Move Object 7, precise, affects insubstantial • 1 point
Alternate Effect: Flight 7, stacks with thruster flight (16 miles per round, 8,000 MPH), Environmental Adaptation: Space, Increased Mass 1 (+100 pounds), Space Travel: 
 Interplanetary • 1 point
Living Metal: Feature (Quick change into and out of armor) • 1 point
Sealed Systems: Immunity 7 (Cold, Heat, Vacuum, Radiation, Suffocation (All)) • 6 points
Sensors: Senses 4 (Time Sense, Distance Sense, Direction Sense, Radio) • 4 points
Thrusters: Flight 5 (60 MPH) • 10 points
Quick Thinking: Quickness 6, Mental Tasks Only • 3 points


Eidetic Memory
Improvised Tools 
Skill Mastery 2 (Expertise: Magic, Technology)


Acrobatics 1
Athletics  -1
Close Combat 0
Deception 0
Expertise: Engineering 10
Expertise: Magic 15
Expertise: Science 15
Insight 5
Intimidation 0
Investigation 10
Perception 5
Persuasion 0
Ranged Combat 8
Sleight of Hand 2
Stealth 1
Technology 15
Treatment 8
Vehicles 3

Motivation: Doing Good
Quirk: Autodidact
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