Date: 2017-07-17 01:25 am (UTC)
ravenskyewalker: (0)
I'm willing to accept her, if she's done right. There's no guarantee of that, because Chris Chibnall wrote the garbage Torchwood episode "Cyberwoman," so if he manages to write a female Doctor respectfully, I may actually watch his DW. Wasn't going to, until this development...

Unlike magedragonfire, I love Capaldi's Doctor, and am apparently supposed to beg eternal forgiveness for not being a Tennant fan (but he reminds me of all the entitled, sleazy white boys I grew up with, whatever he's like in reality, so he wrecked modern DW for me). So, I've been going through quite the silly mourning process due to Capaldi leaving, and have been dreading Chibnall's takeover.

(Have been into DW since 1981. The Doctor has often been grumpy, cranky, sarcastic... so I guess people who single out Capaldi for being terrible don't know much about DW history? So terribly sorry, but he actually had psychological development over his three seasons -- but don't pay attention to me trying to convince anyone of anything.)

Even at my most feminist, I didn't want a female Doctor, because I wanted there to be a good non-stereotypically male role out there. However, I've changed over the years, and these days, I'm kind of into the idea that if it pisses off fandom, go for it, see how it works, and let's just marvel in the firestorm. I've loved Michelle Gomez as a female Master. Let's hope that Whittaker is a good Doctor.
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