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Perseids Watch 2017

Come watch the Perseid Meteor shower in rural darkness near New Dundee. This year, the often spectacular Perseids peak from late Saturday, August 12 to early Sunday, August 13, which is to say “conveniently on the weekend instead of the middle of a work-week.”

What you will need:

A comfortable surface on which to rest while staring up at the sky.
Warm clothes.
A blanket (and/or suitable human heat source)
A tent (if you plan to sleep on the campsite overnight)
Some means of getting there.

The facilities:

Scott and Jeanette have been kind enough to volunteer their farm. It has a campsite, a pond and a fire pit (and a washroom!). It is sufficiently far from KW to avoid most of the light-pollution.

There will be a bonfire. People are free to use it to cook but no organized effort will be made to provide food.

People who don’t feel like driving home in the dark can stay overnight at the campsite.

Email me at jdnicoll at panix dot com for more details. RVSPs not necessary but it would be nice to have some idea of the head-count.

This is a public event so feel free to share.


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