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People Who Bought Raven Stratagem Also Bought:
Attack On Titan 21
Ukulele Exercises For Dummies
Attack On Titan 22
Seven Surrenders: A Novel
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Is that the Scalzi Effect?
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My first thought was, "are there Shuos assassination techniques that use ukuleles?"
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Oh, like there wouldn't be?

(I own Uprooted, & someone offered me a copy of Raven Stratagem, hmm.)
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I LOLed.


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Probably the calendrical system demands certain ukulele tunings.
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In the unlikely event I write Ninefox fanfic, I will be sure to mention heretical ukulele players.
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My brain finds the symmetries of 'Attack on Titan 21' and 'Seven Surrenders' pleasing. Now, if only there could be a an additional title in the mix like 'A Negotiation of Triads'...
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Actually, I seem to recall a ukulele mentioned in Strategem... I think the Andan assassin had one.

I haven't read Surrenders yet, but the comparison makes sense for Too Like the Lightning. I don't see any connection to Uprooted.
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I had an interesting search recommendation experience at a home improvement store yesterday. Our water heater went out. Our gas utility was quite specific to get an LPG model, not a natural gas model. I select a model that should work, record all the info in my phone, go to the store. And the box says gas that can be converted to LPG use.

So I pull up the store's app on my phone to make sure I searched well and entered Water Heater LPG. The first page of results are all toilets. I think the search engine confused LPF, liters per flush, with LPG, liquid petroleum gas.

But how much exercise can you get with a ukulele? They're not very heavy, unless they were made with lead or steel.
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But how much exercise can you get with a ukulele? They're not very heavy, unless they were made with lead or steel.

Ah, but therefore they are delightfully portable. Sometimes I go for a stroll down the Prairie Path, combining exercise with music practice.

ObRocketScience: "In addition to my other claims to fame, I have now played the ukulele of the First Man To Fly An Untethered Rocket Belt."