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Yet more rabbits

The one in focus was bold enough to let me get within arm's reach before it occurred to me what the failure modes of that are.

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have you not learned from the telling of the Vorpal Rabbit?
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Saw one (of about a bazillion, since this part of Chicago is currently rife with them) standing on a lawn while walking to the train for work this morning. Contrary to the usual behavior exhibited, it continued to stand there and didn't turn tail and bounce away to the customary 10-foot gap most cottontails prefer around supposedly Higher Mammals like us.

Either it's just that used to people, or it's a lot more aware of the fact that Montrose Avenue is full of metal things on wheels that would make its then-current escape route a bit more fatal than most.
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A few days ago, a rabbit in my (fenced in) back yard sat where it was, calmly watching, as my dogs circled around it at a distance of as little as a yard. It didn't move until one of the dogs finally got downwind of it and looked up; then it shot for the fence.
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Have you read Kelly Link's story "Stone Animals" yet? It's in Magic for Beginners, IIRC.

On second thought, maybe wait until a non-bunny season to read it.
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The marmot living underneath our workshop also seems to have about the same amount of self-preservation instinct.

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Look at the bones!