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free to a good home

Story idea: while on public assistance, welfare recipients are denied the use of their colour vision, as well as their senses of smell and taste.
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Also my knee-jerk reaction.

I mean, as a story premise it could make a fabulous illustration of the expectations people of all income and/or wealth levels have of poor people, and also of the baseless cruelty people in general direct toward poor people. And if carefully handled it could also excellently illustrate how racism (and public perception of welfare recipients as predominantly people of color, esp. black people) interacts with poverty. And how disability interacts with poverty, especially with regards to accessibility concerns!

But the idea is seriously ew.
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It's not the same, but I know I read a story in IASFM where the protagonist developed gut bacteria that could handle anything a cow could. The idea was that she could keep people from starving. Unfortunately (in the story) Big Business took this as license to thoroughly destroy agriculture in East African countries.
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It also suggests a new dimension for bondage play.

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The Martians in Hannu Rajaniemi's trilogy. (Sorta, kinda.)
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I join the "ick, ew" contingent. Not sure I'd want to read about a culture in which the unprivileged and unlucky are stomped on even worse than they are here.

However, it'd be fascinating to explore the concept that 90% of the advertising designed to exploit them suddenly stops working.
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Yes, but now you could buy back your sense of taste for a low, low price of only $9.99 a day!

Act now! Supplies Limited!

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I read something like this about 15 years ago in Asimov's magazine. Something about junior employees not having enjoyment of some of their organs until they had vested their pensions? I'll check the ISFDB to see if I can find it.

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"Hard Times" by Neil Barret, Jr.; see description here http://bestsf.net/asimovs-april-2003/
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I remember that one.
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Be careful. Even now, someone in a government department is probably thinking "ooh, good idea."
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Well, I'm sure the guy who invented Soylent (the real one, not the people) would like that, although from what I've heard he wouldn't even understand the problem. Dude does not seem to have functional taste buds.

Anyone else who approves - ick.
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I can see it useful as an OPTION. If you have to live in a dump with horrid decor, next to a fertilizer plant, and eat whatever's on sale, it might be useful to selectively (and temporarily) disable some of your senses.

I'd personally enjoy being able to turn off my hearing on nights when my neighbours are partying.
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Interzone #260, a couple of years ago, had a story by Jeff Noon called "No Rez" in which everyone's perception of the world was heavily mediated and the lower classes had literally poorer resolution.

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I suppose advertisers who met the government's requirements could have full access to welfare recipients' sensoriums, or is that sensoria? Never mind.

A more direct sanction would be to limit the amount of pleasure that any dependents of the state might enjoy, or further, that they should enjoy only state-sanctioned things. Greg Egan's "Reasons to be Cheerful" examines the life of someone who finds themselves with a customizable pleasure centre, without government interference.

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I see what you did there.

Yeah, there are some real jerks out there with regard to people who need such assistance. I have spent the past 6 months or so in a continuous low-grade rage at these particular jerks.

(This topic really makes me want to use a gloomier icon but such is not generally the custom in this space.)

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This is kicking me into YASID land. Guy is punished for a crime by not being able to use any computers, and all currency is electronic, so it's pretty challenging. Asimov?

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Still available on the web at the site of the magazine that originally published it http://www.edn.com/electronics-news/4319939/A-perfect-fit

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Sorry. I never remember how to code around links.
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Prescient. It's not that bad IRL, but there are still people being sentenced to not use computers, and it's getting harder and harder to live like that.
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Title: “They Don’t See Color”
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The not seeing colour thing is sometimes used in bad fanfic, as one variant of the dreaded soulmate fic idea. The idea is that you don't see colour until you meet your one destined soulmate, who you immediately recognise because you're seeing them in colour. Why this does not lead to instant sensory overload and fits etc. is never explained...

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I wrote a story somewhat like that, about a regime that rations color:


Not saying it's the greatest piece ever--there's lots more that could be done, and better, too.
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Foreseeable side-effects:

1. Traffic lights become somewhat difficult to read, leading to extra accidents.

2. Anosmia means rotting food and blocked drains aren't noticed, leading to poisoning/disease issues.

3. Right-wing legislators will blame these preventable mishaps on feckless jay-walking indigents and poor people who enjoy living in their own filth, and double down on the policy.

Coming next: brain-implant-induced anorgasmia for the poor ...

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"Coming next: brain-implant-induced anorgasmia for the poor ..."

See upthread the reference to Neal Barrett's "Hard Times."

Ted Chiang's "Liking What You See" is about a treatment that temporarily inhibits the ability to experience beauty - but it's not imposed on the poor.
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After a discussion that might have happened in a workplace over what contributions to intellectual property and self-development are owned by the person and which by the workplace, parallel story idea: process by which all training and experience gained by an employee is the property of the employer, removed from employee's memory upon dismissal.