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At the time I was in to Smith (early/mid '80s) I was heavily Republican and probably classed as a Libertarian, we had more political flexibility in this country. You could be more of a liberal republican or conservative democrat. But those heretical times are no more. Once upon a time Smith was on the ticket of the Libertarian Party for President of the United States, but only in the state of Arizona. I don't believe he won. :-)

I don't have a problem with libertarianism, per se. What I do have a problem with is any political party being represented as a mono-block that THESE are our standards, and any deviation is HERESY. Political parties should be a spectrum, as libertarianism is a spectrum from total anarchy to a somewhat less centralized government with more personal responsibility. I don't think Smith's concept of Libertarianism is realizable because we don't have 2+ centuries of having worked that way, and to implement it now would probably cause 2+ centuries of chaos and anarchy, with a huge loss of life before it stabilized in to khod knows what.


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