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Jennifer Roggemann after speaking at Kitchener’s Canadian Citizenship Ceremony (2017).

It was December 27, and I expected lots of snow

There was snow, but it was also grey. It was like a concrete block but also so desolate. In comparison to Seoul, there was nobody. I wondered, “Where is everybody?

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In my last post, I launched A Region That Really Schmecks to celebrate Waterloo Region’s diverse cultures and foods. Your response to my Edna story and the series was great—thank you.

Now, I need your help.
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Edna Staebler and I met and bonded over Indian food. It was her request. She was 100 years old and living in a nursing home; the food—although probably good for her—was bland and boring. She wanted something tasty and flavourful, but not too spicy. It was a request I was happy to grant.


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