Ski Day Two: Aprilary

Apr. 27th, 2017 09:11 pm
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Our second ski day was more like the depths of winter than the end of April…unless you’re on Mt. Hood. The weather system that Cliff Mass calls “Darth Vapor” is dumping snow on the Mountain, fine, wet powdery stuff…and I got a reminder that Timberline Road in some ways is a tougher drive than crossing the Blue Mountains via Tollgate.

The official snow count this morning was 199 inches at the lodge. I’m willing to bet it had gone over 200 by the time we got our skis on and got out there. It continued to snow, a wet powder that formed rime ice on our ski pants and parkas along with a mild wind. We went back up to Stormin Norman simply because given our level of conditioning, it’s the easiest run to do with blowing and drifting snow. My knees were fussing at me first thing this morning so I didn’t want to push it.

Not sleeping well last night didn’t help, either. I started with fatigue and it didn’t help things. My first run down, I bobbled a couple of times but didn’t tweak anything and stayed upright. The second run was better, and the third run was when I started to feel the flow coming. But then the fourth run was just not quite right, so I didn’t find the flow. The wind was also such that above the trees it was occasionally hard to see where the snow ended and the air began. When we headed back to the lodge, I encountered a few surprise drops, and had to stop in one place to figure out where to go.

On the other hand, my feet didn’t cramp up in the boots today. That’s a big plus. I’m getting them back into shape.

There was a big living quarters horse trailer in the parking lot. Obviously there weren’t any horses in it–I had to wonder if it was hauling equipment while the owners were staying overnight in the living quarters, or maybe that was the only trailer they had.

We saw some very happy snow doggies in the parking lot, romping in the snow. On Tuesday we saw one dog who was ecstatically rolling in the snow–nothing like that today, but nonetheless there were happy snow doggies around.

No spectral whooshes from the ravens today, though they were scouting the parking lot for any food scraps.

By the time we left, a little six-inch drift was forming by the rear driver’s side wheel. Driving down Timberline Road had some interesting moments with slush and ice.

But we’ve survived another ski day, and I’m beginning to trust my legs and feet again. One thing I am noticing is that my hips are stronger than they were before. It’s easier for me to stand up and get out of the chair. I can thank those long rides on Mocha for that, I think.

Now I just have to be in better shape….

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Apr. 27th, 2017 10:54 pm
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Joe and I did not realize that the anime Fate/Zero was a prequel to Fate/stay night, thus leading to a brief WTF??? when we hit the ending of the former. Can anyone who's familiar with both tell us without being too spoilery, in general terms, whether Fate/stay night is as, um, traumatic and Nightmare Fuel-laden as Fate/Zero?

P.S. We also did not realize it was an Urobutcher show when we completely randomly picked it to watch. HA HA HA HA HA the more fool us.

A colourful palace

Apr. 28th, 2017 12:10 am
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What have you seen on my humor blog if it's part of your RSS existence or if you have its LiveJournal or now Dreamwidth feeds on your Friends page? This stuff:

And now let me close up Pinburgh Saturday with mostly backglass art.


Lower playfield of Williams's 1981 Barracora, the body-horror game that will haunt your dreams. The story is that the game was to be called Barracuda but the President of Williams didn't like that association. Note the drop targets match up, as tradition, one target per letter of the name Barracora, except for the 'RR' target on the left side. The story there is that when the Gordian knot of how to match the game title with the number of drop targets was finally settled this way designers said if they'd known they could double up letters like that it would have solved so many problems. (In that time the table layout and the theme were developed often with little cross-talk or planning.)


Yeah, so here's that picture you wanted of the G I Joe team's Lady Jaye riding a bucking pink robot space horse. And the company that'll bring it to you is Gottleib in 1979.


Yeah, so here's that picture you wanted of the the cheery, dopey, plotless days before renewing yourself in the fires of Carousel. And the company that'll bring it to you is Williams in 1979.


Meanwhile from our friends Recel, in Spain: 1977's Space Race. Fine cheery scene that makes you ask: that guy in the center, behind the fallen woman. Is he wearing flesh-colored pants or does he have a long pouch adhering to his naked thigh? Before you say this is obvious remember that it was the 70s and this is a science fiction theme.


Williams's 1979 Stellar Wars reminds us all that we don't have to have an official license to have a good time.


Yeah, so here's that picture you wanted of a shiny silver-mirrory winged centauress mooning the Hal 9000. And the backglass that'll bring it to you? Stern's 1978 Lectronamo.


Another attempted panoramic shot of the banner on the convention center's underpass for the ReplayFX Arcade and Gaming Festival. On the far right is one of the Attack From Mars aliens, just past the big old-fashioned style pop bumper.

Trivia: When the Cincinnati American Association team (we'd call them the Red Sox) moved to their new field in 1882 (and where they'd stay to 1870) a local sportswriter admitted the new location had flooded that spring, but prior to that, not since 1852. It flooded again the following February. Source: Level Playing Fields: How The Groundskeeping Murphy Brothers Shaped Baseball, Peter Morris.

Currently Reading: Rust: The Longest War, Jonathan Waldman.

PS: Reading the Comics, April 22, 2017: Thought There'd Be Some More Last Week Edition but hey, Thursdays, why not one of these?

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 So here's the thing: I can't be the only author who had a book released in November (or December, or January...) who felt too gobsmacked by political events to feel comfortable going all out on book promotion. (Heck, it took me most of November to get out of panic attack mode.) So I'm giving myself permission to do a 6-month anniversary book release re-boot. And to feel a bit less self-conscious about it, I'm going to make a general offer. If you had a book released last November, hit me up with the basic info about it and I'll pick one or two book every day in May to cross-promote along with my own. If anyone else wants to joint the bandwagon, be my guest! Comment here, or e-mail me or tweet me or whatever works for you.
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And will get broken as I continue to fuck with it. But still. Everything but Navbar 3 is real and live; these are otherwise-unedited iPhone screencaps.

User Logged In, User Panel, Mobile

User Logged In, Location Panel, Mobile

User Logged In, Find Panel, Mobile

Baahubali 2, 2

Apr. 27th, 2017 06:27 pm
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I went with my friend D. to the very first showing today, which cost a premium but also got us seats in a theatre with about five other people, so that was nice!

We loved it. Every single minute is awesome, and the awesome gets awesomer. The sweeping epic story, the OTT effects, the mythic resonance, even the music---the music in this is better than in Baahubali 1 IMO. More huge production numbers (are all those people CGI? They cannot all be CGI?) and a delightful prayer to Krishna number that was my favorite song, as a song and as a performance, in the whole series I think.

More badass princess action! Less cheesy princess action! More sad Katappa! (Why is Katappa not married with seven sons like himself, does he decide not to wed because Bhallaladeva is such an asshole and it's better for his family to die out than work for assholes?) Less single-tracking of the plot---several supporting characters get good arcs. I will not spoil deliberately. You DO need to see Baahubali 1 to appreciate this.

The director may have had more funding for this one---the effects and so on, excellent in the first, seemed more polished and more...effective. Well-integrated, on the whole.

The previews were for Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and I think something else, there were ads for a biryani place and then for real estate somewhere in India, and for shipping and phone service. Spider-Man looks good. Wonder Woman looks horribly teal and dark. The snippets we saw of Themiscyra were good, but that blue-black-orange film palette---I can't watch it. It's too dark and gloomy, literally, to enjoy. It's kind of strange that the DC movies are so screwed up, and the Marvel ones are so cohesive and overall good; my first superhero movie was Reeve's Superman, and it seems to me that DC really lost their understanding of what a superhero comic and movie are about, after the Miller influence seeped in like black poison.

Starting up a Community...

Apr. 27th, 2017 09:37 pm
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...for Dreamwidth users in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Naturally, it's called [community profile] ottawa_gatineau

Image test: Richie Brace

Apr. 27th, 2017 06:07 pm
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Richie Brace

I'm not sure if this will work. This is a Richie Brace, just like the one I got today. It's a custom orthopedic ankle brace which, the technician told me, was invented for my problem. My problem has a long name with initials - PTT - maybe post-tibial tendonitis or something like that. It's basically what happens when you get old and have had no arch in your foot and weak ankles all your life. The ankle bones are misaligned and instead of your leg to foot being perpendicular, you wind up at a bit of slant, which makes walking painful, difficult, and very tiring.

I had instant relief. The test will be when I go back to work on Monday and work a 12-hour shift in a factory with cement under the linoleum (heavy equipment - it's a wafer fabrication plant; we make magnetic heads for disc drives for computers).

Springtime blahs

Apr. 27th, 2017 09:04 pm
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Warm muggy headachey day. Cold front is moving through, so rainy thunderous headachey evening. Hopefully better tomorrow. Still, a dramatic sunset through storm clouds turning the sodden white plum and cherry blossoms apocalyptic orange.

Requiescat in Pace

Apr. 27th, 2017 03:48 pm
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(no subject)

Apr. 27th, 2017 05:37 pm
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And I got three more troll comments on that one fic, all with the same signature and all three claiming that my use of the Zero Room contradicts canon. I can only shake my head and laugh because there's almost no canon about the Zero Room to contradict. I mean, I could say that turtles left in there too long turn purple. There's nothing in canon to say that that doesn't happen, so I should be golden, right?

Seriously, go be pedantic about a canon that doesn't contradict itself six ways about every bit of canon relating to technology and the made up history and culture. Shoo!

Boston Was a Whirlwind

Apr. 27th, 2017 04:42 pm
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     . . . . If the two gigs in Boston and the activities around them constituted a whirlwind, at least it seems to have been a vortex of satisfaction for all involved, whether organizers, directors, participants, audience and donors.  Everyone expressed in a variety of ways how pleased they were with both events.

All of It happened as a result of a project of a politically oriented community organization -- need I add run by women?  Almost whom are African American?  This reminds me so much of how things are happening these days in Cuba too.  Women deeply involved in their communities, making all the things happen, running them.

But, of course the Cuban event, with live music, while Himself moderated, asked questions and lectured about the history, the music and the culture was truly popular.  How not, with musicians such as Pedrito Martínez involved?

This is how Himself describes the Cuban event:

This event was seen as a tremendous victory by those who pulled it off.  and they did it!  it was pretty darn interesting and rhythmically very hip.  it was unquestionabubly a success. many people were seeing the modern Cuban way of stretching out on stage for the first time, everybody who attended had more fun than they knew existed, and there were enough latinos there that knew what they were getting to make it feel multicultural, which at this point is an absolute essential at public events.  the npr station is desperate to get latino listeners.  by the end of the show, there were dancers getting up from the audience to the stage, as happens at latino events.  i've come to see the audience on stage as a very important part of it, kind of like the Q&A after the lecture.  it was tame, perfectly public radio family friendly.  gema's twitter about it here:

everybody had easy rapport with each other.  you could feel gema and pedrito having fun as the band sight-read a song from her repertoire that she stretched out on for many minutes.  it was a music-talk-music-talk-music format, the first talk segment was just me, basically, with Robin Young (of Here and Now) and José asking me, like, one question and i gave my 20-minute answer with clips.  but during all of this, pedrito and his band are on stage with us (split stage, us on stage right, band on stage left) and reacting to it.  like, pedrito laughing when "louie, louie" comes up.  if you think jon batiste's becoming a comedy master for colbert, i'd go with pedrito as my talk-show bandleader any day.  and then in the next talk segment we interviewed pedrito and gema.  robin asked her to sing operatic style, which Gema studied for years, and she opened up in a full coloratura and from her chair sang a chunk of lecuona's "maría la o."  and then massó leaned over and whispered to me, pedrito should sing something in yoruba, ask him!  i'm not sure why he didn't ask him himself, but he wanted me to do it, so i did, and pedrito sang a fantastically complex yoruba chant. and then i said, put the two of 'em together, and you got cuban music. 

oh, and josé at the beginning asked the house, how many of you are cuban?  smattering.  how many of you have been to cuba?  some noise for that.  how many of you want to go to cuba?  big applause. 

I'm guessing there are going to be sign-ups for Post Mambo Seminars out of this.

Home again via the Acela by 3 PM.  In between yesterday and today, here the peonies have popped!  They are supposed to be late May - June flowers, but here they are, so soon.  At least the tulips are still in play.

Brief update :-(

Apr. 27th, 2017 09:48 pm
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Finally got a referral to mental health services through, but I have to call so I might need to check in at my sister's to see if I can use their phone. Paid my rent arrears, which crossed with the usual threatening letter from the council even though I said I'd be paying when my pension came through.
Most worrying is that, even though my pension came early because of the bank holidays, the ESA did not. Met soneone in Dundee who'd not received theirs either so I don;t know what to think.
All I can do right now is plan on what I have left having to last a good long while. Had to order a new card as the Nationwide seemed to think someone may have tried to gain access to my account. If they did they didn't get anything.
Need to sort out Independent Advocacy etc now things are moving, but it's hard not to just give up.


Most interesting

Apr. 27th, 2017 03:45 pm
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I get more interest in my ham radio pictures on Instagram than I do in the ones about drinks.

Who'd'a thunk that people more more interested in geekiness than booze?

Book Sales Up, ebook Sales Down

Apr. 27th, 2017 01:10 pm
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      . . . . An article in the UK Guardian describes the fall of the Kindle and ebooks, and tries to figure out the whys of it.


Basically -- yah, ebooks just aren't as good a reading experience and totally useless for anything that isn't just skimming.  You sure can't do research with them.


That's what I've been sayin' from the beginning.  For light, thoughtless distraction while riding the subway, OK.  But nothing else.

[ " . . . figures published today by the Publishing Association show that sales of consumer ebooks have dropped by 17%, while sales of physical books are up 8%. Consumer spending on books was up £89m across the board last year, compared with 2015. So why is the physical book winning through? " ] Read the Guardian piece here.






I don't necessarily agree with their conclusion that it is the allure of the physical that is the draw for printed books again.  I still put more value on my own reading needs, pleasures and necessities, that one simply cannot absorb or pay attention to the content on a screen, whether fiction or non.  And then, with history and other important non-fiction forms, all the cites, biblios, indexing, etc. are not there -- and often not the illustrations, including graphs and tables are also not included.  This makes the ebook useless for someone like me.  And I read uncountable numbers of such books every year!


I do agree, however, that audio books are real rival to kindles, etc. 






They are still the growth center for publishing (along with illustrated kids' books, which don't work on kindles, etc. either).  People are listening to everything from pod casts of all kinds to enormous numbers of audio titles.  I listen to dozens of audio book every year myself.  All of them history.  Again I'm missing cites, biblios and indices.  But if this is a book that mattes to me personally for research I search out that title and obtain the print copy.  The point here though being that I can absorb content and recall it from the audio version of a text.  But I don't when it's on a screen.


The genre segment of the ebook market is about 50%.  The ebook sales of genre forms increased overall even, about 6%, which makes for great sell-through for crime, thriller, mystery, romance, fantasy etc.  Also for self-publishing.  Almost all self-publishing is done now as ebook format.



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