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2017-03-27 10:27 pm


I get to toy with being a living example of the Peter Principle at work.
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2017-03-26 10:56 am

Idea for an anthology


* As previously mentioned, the black woman in this illustration is the only black person of whom I am aware ever depicted in a space colony-related drawing.

* Handing authors a drawing to write a story around is an established thing in SF.

Thus, an anthology with different takes on that one black person in an otherwise entirely white space community.
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2017-03-25 10:12 am

On this day in 1911

Enjoy this preview of what working life will be like in the US once the Republicans strip workers of every legal protection.

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2017-03-24 01:19 pm

"It's always an old guy in a rubber mask"

My gaming group is starting a new campaign using Mage. I had been thinking of a martial artist but someone else wants to play a wuxia character. Now I am thinking of maybe going in a Doctor Thirteen direction: a parapsychologist who has never investigated a claim of magic where it wasn't a fraud, even back in the days when it was him, his three friends and the talking dog tooling around in a crappy van.

I am thinking the two schools of magic he can do are Prime (specifically dispel magic) and Life (with a major in talking to animals).

If he was a teen in 1969, he's in his sixties now? But I see him as unusually well-preserved. All that running from "monsters" is excellent cardio.
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2017-03-22 11:24 am

Check my math

Behind a cut, because student suicide is an upsetting topic for some people.

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2017-03-20 10:23 am


Grand River Transit strike averted.

It's a 6.6 km walk to work and a bit less than 4 to Jasmine's place.
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2017-03-19 09:35 am


It was, however, a complete surprise. I am told the expression on my face when it came out was "deer in the headlights."