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2017-02-27 05:43 pm


The orbit of the sole planet orbiting Sol's closest neighbor cannot be precisely determined. It's just a Proxima mate.
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2017-02-26 07:15 pm

fill in for house manager so they can go to emergency


I haven't actually been trained for the job but I am somewhat better qualified than the other choice, because it was her first day.
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2017-02-24 09:59 am

Post-show treasure hunt results

Two quarters, an eerie glass disk and a Kleenex that might have been rolled in a shoggoth.

Someone else found the underwire from a bra but I don't think it was near where I found my trove of artifacts. I feel confident nobody was removed from this space-time continuum while trying to harness forces beyond their ken, leaving behind only a few bits of flotsam to indicate they ever existed.
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2017-02-22 08:22 pm

Surely this has been used

A real estate developer who arranges for superhumans to scuffle in neighborhoods the developer wants leveled so they can buy the properties on the cheap and develop them.
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2017-02-22 12:06 pm

This I believe

When an elderly tomcat snuggles up next to a much larger, younger cat and then growls at him, it sends a mixed message.
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2017-02-21 12:16 pm

Man v Squirrel

Another epic battle between good and evil! Or at least me and a mail-stealing squirrel.

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2017-02-20 05:51 pm

I know it wasn't a finalist

But did Robot & Frank get nominated for the Hugo?
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2017-02-20 01:45 pm

If it's wrong

to work out the two levels of Mad Science behind the origin of a character I will likely never play, I don't want to be right.
(also, I like the idea of a super-villian dog named Deadly Sirius. He's embittered over having the mind of an Einstein in the body of a dog breed with a lifespan of a decade. Maybe a decade and a half if it's lucky)
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2017-02-19 03:48 pm

Let's say a nation in a comic book universe

Wanted to create a unit of enhanced lifeform super-soldiers, taking otherwise expendable kids, trying to duplicate documented Origin Events on them, then training them to be loyal and competent troops. So, in these effete days they might run into a legal issue over the child labour angle.

Could they disguise it as a sports program? Or dance? Nobody seems to mind what gets committed to make athletes and dancers.