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Without the CPAP, I have about 60 apnoeas and hypopnoeas per hour. With my new machine, I had 0.6/hr on Tuesday and 0.5/hr on Wednesday. Slept 6 hrs, 9 minutes on Tuesday, 7 hr, 23 minutes on Wednesday. I took my mask off twice on Tuesday and once on Wednesday, although in both cases the machine was confused because I take the mask off before turning the machine off.
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Of Eunice, Martha, Cerberus, and Hank…

…or How my GPS tried to kill me and feed me to dogs as

I took photographs for Rye and Ginger.
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Better sleep despite only sleeping for six hours.


Bedroom seems to be something of a Faraday cage.
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Did not wake up until I got up.


Only got six and half hours sleep.

Maybe worse:

Set up online account so I can obsessively follow my progress.
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Except for the traffic accident, obtaining my shiny new ResMed AirSense 10 Elite CPAP was pretty painless. And cheaper than the previous machine. Excellent service from Medigas.

I got the weird feeling the sales person had a customer whose cats turn the CPAP off.
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After all, I will argue that Starship Troopers is proto-MilSF.

Brin's system of sorting SF from F will produce counter-intuitive results, like Asimov's Foundation, which is all about restoring the Old Order What Stood for Thousands of Years, is fantasy, whereas any Diskworld novel about clackers and the post and dwarves and trolls learning to coexist is SF.

(it's important to note "Having said that, what is my definition of the separation?". Brin's definition, not THE WORD OF MIGHT DEGLER HIMSELF)
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Ffrom File770:

Last week, we sent out an email to our 26 finalists in the competition asking for written confirmation that they are, in fact, eligible to win the contest.  That means that the writer cannot have earned more than $35,000 from professional screenwriting in the past 18 months.  While sending out the emails, we noticed one submitter in particular under the name of Orson Scott Card.  Sound familiar? Yep, that Orson Scott Card, the acclaimed novelist and author of the beloved and award-winning novel Ender’s Game.
 This presented us with a bit of a predicament.
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I have been confusing HH Hollis with HH Holmes (Anthony Boucher) for *decades*.
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Looks like unconvincing ravioli.


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