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Ever mentioned which Canadian federal ministry deals with metahuman affairs?
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According to the National Institute of Health, the average resting heart rate: for children 10 years and older, and adults (including seniors) is 60 - 100 beats per minute. for well-trained athletes is 40 - 60 beats per minute.

Because I had a consult with my sleep doctor last week, I happen to know what my heart rate is: 53.


Feb. 17th, 2017 05:43 pm
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My phone is developing little quirks, like its browser not posting to Facebook and not reliably charge or connecting to my laptop. Sad me.
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I became aware something was watching me. It was the feral cat I feed. I was at Krug and Lancaster, four blocks from where I feed it. And it was farther up Krug than I was. How big is this cat's range?
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If a particular friend runs Masks again, I am planning on playing what the game calls a "Bull":

Someone changed you, made you into a perfect weapon: superhumanly tough, incredibly strong, and uniquely skilled at fighting. Decide how each of those abilities manifests.

What I thought would be funny is a Lightning Bruiser, a speedster whose shtick is Read more... )

True story

Feb. 15th, 2017 02:54 pm
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In 1969, when we were living in a trailer waiting for our house to be built, I was making a peanut butter and jam sandwich when it occurred to me to try PB and butter instead. It was awesome. I ate it while reading Marvel Super-Heroes #19, the one with Ka-Zar.

So if I can remember that, why did I spend a minute looking for the Kobo I was holding in my hand?
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I have verified that the feral cat's range is at least four city blocks by four city blocks. For people in Kitchener, it runs from Church Street to Weber and from Madison to Benton. At least.
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My mother grew up in Mulgrave, Nova Scotia, on the Strait of Canso. The region was more culturally distinct back then: people still spoke Gaelic, for example. One of the practices now long lost was the trick of luring fish in close to shore after dusk by confusing the fish with human vocalizations. Of course these days kids have never heard of Salmon Chanting Evening.
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(Facebook warning)
Come play at EV2-2002, Saturday, February 25th

A Task Party is a collaborative art event. Everyone will draw tasks and complete them in whatever interpretation they see fit. The only limitation is your imagination! And physics.

BRING: yourself, an open mind, optional: snacks, craft materials/ random objects to contribute, and a smile*!

Take Chances! Make Mistakes! Get Messy!

* If not your own, then someone else's.
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All that slushy ice is now just ice. The roads where I walked were terrible. And it's windy. Not great walking weather. I still got a walk in.

So did something else.


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