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There was talk of having a bonfire in October. Was trying to come up with theme/justification because I am incapable of spontaneity. Thought it might be nice to tie it in somehow to the Year of Waterloo Region SF. Wondered "what SF book features bonfires as a central image?"

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(I think?), and since the year is half over, what YA do you expect to be nominated next year?
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Fig is content to wander around the large room he and his brother are in. Ibid is still hiding at the back of the top shelf (1) but came out for about an hour of combing. And attempted earbud eating.

Oddly, they don't seem to be eating their wet food (I did see both eat dry). I think it may be as simple as they are getting it in one bowl and don't know whose bowl it is supposed to be.

1: His host stacked bins so the cats can jump down without hurting themselves.

Thank you!

Aug. 7th, 2017 03:16 pm
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To whoever bought me the subscription to Locus.
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Hero! Our fellowship of Basic Heroes bring you the BASH! Bundle, featuring the BASH! tabletop roleplaying game of fast and simple action from Basic Action Games. With BASH! (Basic Action Super Heroes), you can create characters and run four-color superheroic adventures within minutes. Easy to teach to novices and younger players, BASH! also works great for fantasy and space opera. The rulebooks and supplements in this bargain-priced collection give you everything you need for any kind of action-packed adventure.

More here.
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The other day I announced The Collapsing Empire was a finalist for the Dragon Award in the Best Science Fiction novel category, which was neat. Today, I notified the Dragon Award administrators and let them know I was withdrawing The Collapsing Empire from consideration for the award.

More here


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