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Enraged by how her dad sidelined her education on the apparent assumption she was just going to get married to the next single male she met who she wasn't actually related to, and alarmed by what happened to both her mother and grandmother's careers, Meade Stone sets up the first women's collective in deep space.
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June 16, 1963, Valentina Tereshkova first woman to fly in space.
June 16, 2012, Liu Yang first Chinese woman to fly in space.

Sally Ride, 1st American woman in space, went up June 18, 1983. I wonder if at any point the plan was to launch on the 16th?
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I wonder how hard it would be in 2018 to review no books by SWM at all? And how long would it take people to notice? People seem diligent about policing various aspects of my core lists...
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Outbreak of "American 'flu" at Republican baseball game. The US has about one of these a day; the only remarkable aspects are who the targets were and how the current administration might use this event.

[added later]

Shooter appears to have been a 66-yr-old Bernie Bro.
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Hate crimes rose by 5% in Canada in 2015, largely due to an increase in incidents targeting certain religious and ethno-cultural groups, specifically the Muslim population and Arabs or West Asians. For the year, police reported 1,362 criminal incidents that were motivated by hate in Canada, 67 more than the previous year.


The increase in the Edmonton CMA was driven by more reported hate crime incidents against a race or ethnicity (+25) and against a religion (+17), mainly targeting the Muslim (+8) and Jewish (+7) populations. The number of hate crimes in Montréal was attributable to 33 more reported incidents targeting a religion. Of the additional incidents, 20 of these targeted the Muslim population. In the CMA of Kitchener–Waterloo–Cambridge, counts were primarily driven by more incidents targeting different races or ethnicities (+12) and religions (+10).
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Name a widely loved work that you do not care for!

I am going to go for a whole beloved genre: jerk-ass geniuses who spend most of each episode or volume abusing those around them before pulling a solution out their ass.


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