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We have several announcements to make as updates to our previous post:

1) In light of the intense community response to the Frenkel subcommittee's decision, and the concom's own concern about the "provisional ban," the WisCon concom is itself currently appealing the subcommittee's decision and will vote on the matter this week.

2) Debbie Notkin has resigned as Member Advocate, effective immediately.

3) The Bergmann subcommittee is assessing if they can continue given the valid concerns about Wiscon's existing process.

4) Regarding refunds of registrations for WisCon 39, we received this question via Twitter: "Will there be a policy for refunds for those of us who are against the con's current harassment actions?"

WisCon has traditionally had a fairly free refund policy for any registered members who are unable to attend. Anyone who has registered for WisCon 39 and would like a refund for any reason can request one by emailing registration@wiscon.info.
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There's at least one Mini driver out there who seems determined to create as much havoc as any SUV. First they pulled a U turn on Charles (coming close to cutting off a bus while also flirting with coming up onto the sidewalk where I was), then acting as though they had right of way turning right through a pedestrian filled crosswalk.
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Men and women who have been in a warzone describe it as long stretches of boredom punctured by short bursts of action. Ford Fest 2014 was hardly Da Nang, but it was slow, it was hot, it was tense, and it was confusing. It was sometimes pitiful and largely absurd. It was a lot of waiting broken up by emotion and violence. It was a whole lot of ordinary people looking for a free burger, undercut by an angry, pushed-to-the-edge faction.
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Book                                      Sponsor    Review      Status
Max Gladstone's Trilogy                   Kithrup/      S         Foraging* 
                                          Seth Ellis
?                                         melita66
The Long Run.                             melita66      R          Acquired                                          
Riddlemaster of Hed                       Tavella       T         Acquired 
KJ Parker's Scavenger                     Connatic      S         Acquired
Geraldine Harris's Seven Citadels quartet Yhlee         T         Foraging

Tentative schedule

Book                                      Status            date
The Long Run                              Acquired          Monday                                    
Riddlemaster of Hed                       Acquired          Wednesday 
KJ Parker's Scavenger                     Acquired          Thursday - Saturday 
A Martha Wells novel.                     Hard to say       um
Max Gladstone's Trilogy                   Foraging*         Tuesday August 5
Geraldine Harris's Seven Citadels quartet Foraging          um

A memory jog now might an idea

* The handy "check to see if a store in your area has a copy" button on the Chapters site is no longer visible but as it turns out no local store has it.

S = Sponsored
T = Tears
R = Rediscovery
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But I am so stressed out I can't feel my fingertips and I can't see a way out of the corner I am boxed into:

A: Work has dramatically slowed down in the last year.

B: For reasons I am going assume for the moment are not due to deliberate choice on the part of the companies I freelance for, none of checks I've expected this month have materialized (if I am not stress-confused, I think at this point the most recent invoice that has been paid is about 2 months old); when companies were actually issuing checks they were irregular and unpredictable. This isn't specific to one company: nobody is paying me. Nobody. And even if all the money I am owed showed up today, I'd just be treading water.

UPDATE IN MID POST: in fact I just got email assuring me at least one check will definitely not be showing up for at least a week thanks to the new system (another company told me privately my checks might be cut in a week and then sent out a public email telling freelancers to expect the delay to be a month). I'd walk away from book reviewing at this point if there was anywhere to walk to.

Actually, the above is not quite true: while Romantic Times pays very, very little they have never promised to pay any more than that and they do pay on time. So kudos to them; they are the one bright spot.

[I spend a lot of my time telling myself that this is not a repeat of what Guardians of Order did to me, even though a lot of the same notes are in this tune]

C: There are bills I have been deferring for as long as I can and expenses I have cut to the bone as far as I can but I'm pretty sure all the plates I have in the air are about to come crashing down.

D: Can't afford to create the Millennium Reviews book and frankly I don't understand a lot of what people are telling me how to create it.

(That said, editing all the reviews and adding new commentary for all 35 essays would take me two weeks to a month)

E: Review site ditto: I know how to create content for it but I can't see how to create it and the advice I am seeing doesn't mean anything to me.

Open to suggestions here.
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Total      F     M     F/T
 35        1.5   33.5  0.04

There is of course no excuse for this sort of thing.

Step one

Jul. 24th, 2014 09:43 am
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How the heck do I turn the Millennial Reviews into an Ebook?
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"Email to [Antarcticlust] from MacMillan Legal: "There is no agreement between Mr. Frenkel and Tor that would prevent him from making an apology."


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