Oct. 18th, 2014 03:22 pm
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Realized party I was invited to this week is a costume party. No idea what to go as.
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ISN'T AN OUTRAGE THAT THE PEOPLE OF [your nation here] SPEND MORE MONEY ON [something that clearly brings satisfaction to them]!

A new study focused on the interior of Saturn's icy moon Mimas suggests its cratered surface hides one of two intriguing possibilities: Either the moon's frozen core is shaped something like a football, or the satellite contains a liquid water ocean.
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Kitchener mayoral candidate Dan Glenn-Graham accused of running interference in Ward Two

[...] Glenn-Graham tells 570 News a member of his campaign team sent the email. “…It was without my knowledge and I take full responsibility for it.”
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Facebook warning:

Statement by Wasai Rahimi in response to Email from Kitchener Mayoral Candidate Dan Glenn-Graham
On October 14th I received an email from Mayoral Candidate Dan Glenn-Graham asking me to step aside and endorse my opponent Dan Graham. I am both hurt and disappointed that Mr. Glenn-Graham would attempt to interfere and manipulate the race for Ward 2 councillor. I had a great deal of respect for Mr. Glenn-Graham and was a strong supporter of his campaign for Mayor.
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Black Rain (posted)
The Making of the Atomic Bomb (posted, commissioned)
On Thermonuclear War
Canticle for Leibowitz
Alas, Babylon
Threads (film)
When Angels Wept (if I can find a copy)
The Long Tomorrow
Walk to the End of the World
Testament (film)
Branch Point

Open to more suggestions and if anyone want to retroactively commission anything except the Rhodes, that would be peachy keen too.

I guess

Oct. 16th, 2014 11:32 am
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You could redo West Side Story in terms of NATO and the Warsaw Pact...

(Hmmm. It may simply collapse into a version of Chess)
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We missed a session last week.

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Which will take me 14 days because of course I still have the Heinlein reviews to post.

It's in honour of Cuban missile crisis, which to be honest I don't really remember because I was very young at the time. As confrontations between the US and SU that could have led to a nuclear go, it was nowhere near as risky as stuff like Able Archer or the 1983 Soviet nuclear false alarm incident because the nuclear arsenals were much smaller then (and strongly favoured the US) but it definitely would been bad for Europe. I was living in London, somewhere near where the region dominated by collapsing buildings due to a 1 MT strike gives way to third degree burns.
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These are the fifty Andre Norton titles Ace advertized adjacent to the ad for the 11 Robert Heinlein books Ace had at the time.
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