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No Tanith Lee review this week. To make up this, I am extending the Lee reviews past the 52 week mark to the end of 2016.
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Come play in Victoria Park!

A Task Party is a collaborative art event. Everyone will draw tasks and complete them in whatever interpretation they see fit. The only limitation is your imagination! And physics.

BRING: yourself, an open mind, optional: snacks, craft materials/ random objects to contribute, and a smile*!

Take Chances! Make Mistakes! Get Messy!

This is a kid-friendly event. In fact, kids are probably 10,000% better at the whole Take Chances! Make Mistakes! Get Messy! thing!

* If not your own, then someone else's.
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Officers and members of the 26th Battalion of the Second Canadian Expeditionary Force. Photo credit: Patent and Copyright Office, now in the collection of Library and Archives Canada

The young ladies of Berlin want you
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Read because it makes you happy. Read for content!
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Virgil the Tiefling Sorcerer. “Amnesiac”. Didn't used to be a tiefling.
Ren the Dwarven Bard: tall for a dwarf, with red skin
Percival the (ancient) Forgeborn Commander, the perfect Dwarven companion bot.
Ewoud Thon, Human Fighter.
Blunder, Human Fighter (NPC)

Beyond the dragon he is nose to nose with, Ren can see a massive room, filled with rubble, treasure and bodies of the dragon's prey. The good news is this dragon is smaller than the last one the party ran into, only the size of four horses and a beer wagon combined. The bad news is that means it can fit down the staircase the party is standing on.

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If you want any chance with grammarians, never end a sentence with a proposition.
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Thank you so much for your strong support for the recent sale, otherwise known as the Help-the-Editor-Fix-Her-Twenty-Year-Old-Car-Again sale. You subscribed so generously that I will be able to fix the car AND take care of an overdue property tax bill.

I have been working with James because I enjoy editing for James. He is an ideal editee, accepting criticism and changes graciously, willing to slog through several versions until we get it right. It’s the ideal task for me; I’ve been reading SFF for sixty years, ever since my first Andre Norton when I was in primary school. (Not that I know as much about the publishing biz as James does.)

We both love spec fic and enjoy sharing and arguing with fellow fen. Thank you again for supporting us.

Karen Lofstrom
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If I point at something, Ibid looks where I am pointing, not at my finger.

Dear kitty

Apr. 26th, 2016 06:28 pm
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I did not pet you because you are not in fact a cat but
[ ] a bear or bear cub
[ ] a skunk
[ ] a racoon
[ ] a weasel-thing
[ ] an angry seagull
[ ] a surprisingly large house centipede
[ ] a tiny spider I am afraid of squishing
[ ] a large rat
[ ] a rotund raccoon I would bet a lot of money could not scale a security fence that quickly. Or at all.
[ ] a pushy squirrel
[ ] a Canada Goose who got up and out of my way as soon as I made eye contact.
[ ] a small gray mouse too busy going somewhere to say hi.
[x] A dog so elderly that when it started walking in circles before settling down, it forgot what it set out to do. It just kept slowly walking in circles until its owner reminded it by patting it on the haunches.
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Once again, I am a mere background figure, not even a red shirt. But there are some interesting works up for Hugo, as well as puppy crap destined to place below no award.
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For making the sale successful beyond my wildest hopes.
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Apr. 25th, 2016 11:35 am
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I would be upset that I missed my deadline for last week's Because My Tears Are Delicious to You review but I have stuff I am looking forward to so I am not. I guess I am a day late and a dolor short.


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