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The entirety of the following is someone else's words.

Here is her situation, in her own words:

"My husband has Alzheimer's. He needs help with getting up in the morning, with eating his breakfast and keeping clean. He needs help in remembering where he is and who the people around him are. Most of all, he needs help with filling the hours of his day. For a long time I managed to give him all this help and keep writing ­­ not as much as I wanted to write, but something everyday. I also had time for keeping in touch with friends and readers on the Internet, an activity that is keeping me sane. This despite the constant interruptions and questions. He has delusions, too, hears imaginary voices and wonders if there are other people living in our house.

Then Howard cut himself somehow, just a scrape more than a deep cut. He didn't tell me. It went septic. Fortunately we do have good health care. They kept him in hospital for several days and cured the blood poisoning. But he came home terribly weak and more confused than ever.

Without help in the house I can't write. Just getting online is difficult. I have a new Deverry book started ­­ a whole 70 pages. Two months ago I had 50 pages. This pace is not me, but concentrating on fiction when someone needs your constant attention is pretty much impossible. In a way, I have a small child who remembers being a grown- up. It breaks my heart daily."

Right now Kit (who has chronic asthma and a heart condition) is the sole caregiver for Howard.

We have set up this fundraiser specifically to pay for care for Howard to allow her to write, either a health aide to come to the house or an adult day­care specifically designed for Alzheimer’s patients. She cannot afford this unless we help. We have set a basic goal of $12,000, which should give Kit 20 weeks of coverage. Any money raised over that amount will go for more of the same.
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The more hours the Device monitor says I have left...
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Save the Date! FASS 2015 is coming, and it’s coming FASS.
Come join us as one of our esteemed audience members. We need you, otherwise a show is really just a rehearsal.

Show Dates:
Thursday, February 5th 8PM
Friday, February 6th 7PM
Friday, February 6th 10:30PM*
Saturday, February 7th 6PM

More information about the show, how to get tickets, and who you’ll be watching to come soon.

*The Friday 10:30PM show encourages audience participation. Not for the faint of heart!

What is FASS?

FASS (short for Faculty, Alumni, Staff, and Students) is an amateur theatre company at the University of Waterloo. Originally started as a variety show in 1962, FASS predates many of the modern organizations on campus, including the Federation of Students. In its current form, every year FASS produces an original script for its annual show in February.
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That her father Jerry Pournelle had a stroke today. No information beyond that.
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Where sponsored reviews win out over my themes.
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PO Box 1693
Dubuque, IA 52004-1693

info@speculativeliterature.org - http://www.speculativeliterature.org/

For Immediate Release:

The Speculative Literature Foundation is pleased to announce the
application period for our second annual Working Class/Impoverished Writers
Grant is now open.

Applications for the Working Class/Impoverished Writers Grant will be
accepted from December 1, 2014 until February 28, 2015. The winner for the
grant is expected to be announced by April 15, 2015. Read more... )
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Jerry Pournelle on the Dean Drive,

A former Peenemunde rocket scientist associate of mine (this was all in the 1950's) said that some charlatan had built a gadget that sounded a lot like this thing in that it would climb a string and rock like a pendulum, but it was in fact taking advantage of Newton's 3rd law (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction), not overcoming it. Hitler had been impressed and ordered an investigation, but nothing came of it. Alas, my German associate never saw the Dean Drive. In fact, the late Harry Stine is one of the only two people I ever met who HAD seen it, the other being the late John W. Campbell, Jr.


Anyway, nothing came of it all. If it worked I never saw it work, and neither did the 3M team. The original device as described by Campbell and Stine was never found after Dean died, and the thing described in the patent doesn't work and isn't, according to Stine, what Dean showed as a working device.

My own conclusion is that the thing didn't work. It would sit on a scale and vibrate enough that it appeared to lose weight, but that has to do with pendular motion and resonance with the scale springs. The same kind of thing will climb a string. It seems to lose weight, but it doesn't. I think Dean built the same gidget that excited Hitler, although I doubt that Dean ever knew of the earlier device.

What? Not every time I link to JEP is going to be negative.

On a related note, I own this collection of essays, if anyone wants a review of it.

(Added later)

Jennifer R. Pournelle reports that her father had a stroke today.


How large

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An editorial staff would Analog have had in the late 1970s?


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