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A thank you to Resonant. I am pleased to report I am able to carry a case of books eight or nine blocks and less to report that I would rather do that than go home to get my cargo dolly first.

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2 yrs ago I found a website that provided printed facsimiles of rare/archival Canadian books (may have been a govt site). All I recall was I typed in the title and it said they had it and it would cost $20 for the reproduction. I thought it was Histori.ca, but no.
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What were the Hugo nominees from the year of your birth? And have you read them?

Like any normal person, I was born in 1961, which wasn't a bad year for the Hugos.

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Sigh. I don't know why I cannot link to the card catalog entry. Sorry for the broken html.

The local academic libraries have copies of Partners in Wonder: Women and the Birth of Science Fiction 1926-1965 by Eric Leif Davin. Worth a review?
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One minor piece breaks and the mask loses functionality dramatically.
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But the locks on the sliding glass window over the screen are frozen so I propped the door open.

I am in the middle of editing something and I hear a squawk. Look up and there's a crow standing in the door, looking at me, then at the empty cat dish outside.
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Roughly how long did it take the LSH to go from establishing their membership rules to gaming the rules to let in people who didn't really qualify who the Legion wanted while barring people who did qualify but who the LSH didn't want?


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