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Since the Sad Rabies are an outgrowth of the American culture wars, simply tweak the rules about Worldcon locations slightly such that Worldcon cannot return to one particular inhabited continent and associated islands until it has been hosted in at least two of the other three*. Making Worldcon an actual World Con would dilute the effect of any one nation's odd politics.

(I admit this makes underinhabited regions equal weight with Eurasia, home to most people)

* The Americas, Eurasia, Africa and Australia Oceana. I am going to ignore Antarctica because its population is smaller than some Worldcons. Not happy about 'Australia'. Maybe 'the Pacific island nations'? Never mind.
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Consider following the Seiun.

On a related, anyone have the English version? I did look but I didn't find it.


Apr. 18th, 2015 11:29 pm
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I now know what Dakota (a large, friendly dog of my acquaintance) looks like when she's treed a squirrel.
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Did I have an entry here on formative Norton novels?
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Lifted from Nick Mamatas : are there any aesthetically ambitious politically conservative SF/F writers younger than Tim Powers?
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Precedent exists for refusing to accept a Hugo after winning it. When the late Judy-Lynn del Rey won Best Editor some months after dying, Lester del Rey refused it in her name via intermediary Owen Lock.
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To get James May and Jonathan vos Post in conversation with each other?


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