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February 20-21, 2016

AFKCON is a small convention for friends (over 18) who love games, comics, movies, books, and more. Offering everything from panels to cosplay, we want to bring the experience of sharing what you love to life.

This year we'll be meeting in Guelph at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Centre!

We're pioneering a new convention style called a CrowdCon. If you’d like to run an event, demonstration, game, or panel, just log in and check the Events page to sign up today!

I will be participating!
James Nicoll is a book reviewer, blogger, game editor, cat-rescuer, and prior local hobby store owner.

He returns to AFKCON to have the following discussions:
- Tanith Lee and Why people should read her.
- So You're a Reviewer and You Went a Year WIthout Reviewing Women: How to React?
- Things you should never do at a Con or Party: Event Survival Skills 101

I wonder

Feb. 4th, 2016 10:17 am
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if it is too late to arrange for a baked dessert in the shape of a garland for the show? You know, the cake is a lei.
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Is it becoming a distaff harem comedy?
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Found two humbug candies of undetermined age. Am holding poll in the company as to whether I should eat them.

My actual purpose in looking at the vice kit today was to organize a chaotic assortment of Vice supplies. I had three boxes, each containing overlapping sets of supplies. I now have a tub full of durable supplies (like the cash box), a tub full of plates, bowls and napkins, and a box full of cups and straws!

And a pile of plastic cutlery I cannot fit in anywhere. Even though it came out of these three boxes and everything is packed more compactly than it was.

*cries uncontrollably for an hour, then begins working out what sort of strike dinner uses only cup lids and plastic spoons*
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There have been two parties of about 40 people each. I am going to assume consumption scales linearly with the number of people*. At a guess, the next three parties will look like this: 50 people, 80 people, 80 people for a total of 210 people, or about 2 1/2 times what we've already gone through. We went through six giant (650 gram, I think) bags of chips, and four regular bags of cheeZees so what we need is 12 – 15 big bags of chips and chip equivalents and 10 regular bags of CheeZees, which I think is the same as five big bags. So up to 17 big bags. Which, wow, seems like a lot.

(and then there are special cases like gummy worms, where a fair sized container disappeared in 15 minutes)

* I have been assured that it does not. Sadly, half the people I asked said consumption per person drops off as numbers rise and half said that consumption per person rose.
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From file770:

And by the way, Andre Norton changed her pen name as a sales ploy to appeal to young male readers, whom she thought would not be interested in books written by a woman. Not so she could break in past the Forces of the Patriarchy.
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I have a method for solving problems. If I keep them in mind when I go to sleep, I wake up knowing what to do. Often the solution is actually useful.

Specifically for FASS Vice problems, trying this means I stay up until 5 AM. A couple of weeks ago, I went a few days with no real sleep that I recall. But I know this solution can work so I must be doing it wrong.

But what I could do, and I am so pleased I thought of this, is go to sleep thinking "how do I use this method to solve Vice problems effectively?" The beauty of this is it's infinitely expandable: if it does not work I just try "how do I use this method to solve the problem of using this method to solve Vice problems effectively?" Add one layer for each failure.


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