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There are no conflicts an experienced editor and writer cannot alter with carefully selected words:

[Lovecraft's] detractors are pygmies [...]

When you consider some of the phrases Jones could have borrowed from his idol - "a loathsome, gorilla-like thing" leaps to mind - what Jones' actually wrote seems almost harmless.
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As Dragoneye floats over the rooftops of Steel City's China Town, he sees an older man beckoning him from the ground. The amiable old fellow hands a kid named Jasper Thompson to return to Mr. and Mrs. Thompson. Assuming little Jasper is lost, Dragoneye accepts, picks up Jasper and floats back into the sky.

Instead of giving Dragoneye directions, Jasper begins to explain how his parents were murdered, which is brutally. This is off-putting but somehow Dragoneye cannot stop listening, which is how the wolf manages to get into a position where it can leap up and latch onto Dragoneye's leg.

The good news is, Hexenwolf didn't manage to actually hurt Dragoneye; Dragoneye's defenses are very good. The bad news is, now Dragoneye has a psychopathic boy in his arms and a wolf clamped onto his leg. And things are going to get worse.
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I have to wonder if perhaps the behavior of the protagonist in Underwood's Before He Cheats is misguided [1]. Although given that the music video lifts imagery from King's CARRIE, I guess the BF and everyone within a mile of him got off easy.

1: It does not help that I heard "I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights," as "I took a Louisville slugger to both her thighs". Although, hmmm, the protagonist of the song does not lash out at people, just objects.
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Antares rocket on ISS resupply mission explodes seconds after launch

Question: what's the puff of vapour we see coming out of the left side maybe halfway up at the 13s mark?
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Aside from the fact they turned up in the same neighborhood and look similar, I mean. Neither one appears able to master sleeping on laps.

Not 100% keen on the current experiment of standing with a hind paw on either shoulder and trying to drape across my head.
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From now on I am appending "glam" to everything. Cyberglam. Steamglam. Rocketglam.

A change

Oct. 27th, 2014 04:13 pm
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The entirely necessary step of having someone look over my reviews before I post them means they will go up when I get home, not before I leave.


Oct. 27th, 2014 12:42 pm
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I couldn't help but notice the polling station was set up on the assumption people would be driving to the polling station.
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A staged show in the style of old-time radio performed live, monthly at Largo at the Coronet in Hollywood. Starring all of your favorite stars from the worlds of television, film, comedy, animation, sketch, and the stage. Created and written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker.

TAH features a number of running series. Fans of Firefly and Castle may find the Sparks Nevada series of interest, particularly the Cactoid Jim episodes. ersonally, I prefer Beyond belief, which is basically Nick and Nora Charles: Ghostbusters. Because nobody is better equipped to deal with the supernatural than two raging alcoholics.
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I woke up convinced it was Saturday and for a moment after I discovered the truth I was worried I had somehow slept Saturday away.


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