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Is basically the answer to "what would happen if Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters was administered by the same people who ran the Residential School system?" Although it occurs to me my write-up may be too specifically Canadian; not sure if the campaign city is in Canada.

Poor Ibid

Nov. 23rd, 2015 08:55 pm
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Groucho has taken to growling at Ibid so Ibid will move, allowing Groucho to commandeer the warm place where Ibid was sleeping.

Note that Ibid is three or four times larger than Groucho.
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Sadly, the Kobo bookstore's search engine is shit and I've given up looking for stuff there. I don't want to feed the beast because my kindle reader is on my phone. Anything good on Smashwords?
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To quote Gary Farber: "It's helpful to know that Mary Krawczak Wilson is S. T. Joshi's wife and manager of many of his affairs, including his website."
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Seriously, I don’t think the bedwetting about Muslims has been this bad in a very long time, which is saying something, and the panic on Syrian refugees is particularly ridiculous.

Some Americans are filling their pants over numbers smaller than the tiny numbers of refugees Canada is taking. And we have a considerably smaller population. But if the ReformaTories had won, I am sure we would be headed down the same path of pants-shitting cowardice.

(remember, terrorists cannot get you if you seal yourself in a dry cleaning bag)


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