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India has successfully test launched its first ever indigenously built reusable space shuttle — Re-Usable Launch Vehicle - technology demonstrator (RLV-TD). 
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sometimes devilmen are so busy planning scoundrel attacks they forget to REGISTER important website names. this is a SOFT WAY of the antibuckaroo agenda but is also good because it makes it easy for BUDS WHO KNOW LOVE IS REAL to prove love (all).

please understand this is website to take DARK MAGIC and replace with REAL LOVE for all who kiss the sky. here are some links that make bad dogs blue very upset (as angry NORMAL men)
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Facebook warning

Come play in Victoria Park!

A Task Party is a collaborative art event. Everyone will draw tasks and complete them in whatever interpretation they see fit. The only limitation is your imagination! And physics.

BRING: yourself, an open mind, optional: snacks, craft materials/ random objects to contribute, and a smile*!

Take Chances! Make Mistakes! Get Messy!

This is a kid-friendly event. In fact, kids are probably 10,000% better at the whole Take Chances! Make Mistakes! Get Messy! thing!

* If not your own, then someone else's.
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Ibid was very, very upset that Fig was sleeping in the staircase window, which is eight feet off the ground. Fig can ninja his way up but heroically proportioned Ibid cannot.
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Things I missed until very recently: C.J Cherryh got married in 2014! And in a really weird coincidence, so did Jane Fancher at the exact same time and place!
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Gave two block ride to world's laziest bumblebee, on frame of my glasses.
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It keeps setting the privacy setting on my event from public to private.


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